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A Change in Direction.

April 14, 2018
Southwold Beach

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I explained in a previous post why this was, although I’ve since set that to private as I want to keep my blog a more positive space. To sum it up, I basically stopped blogging due to my mental health. Blogging stopped being my happy place and I started placing too much stress on myself. Annoyingly, this was just when I was starting to get noticed by brands which I had worked so hard towards, but hey, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things again and start doing it for enjoyment again!

If the change of URL confuses you, I used to be www.crueltyfreehayley.com, however I don’t feel this fits the brand I want to portray through my blog. I will still be posting a lot about cruelty free beauty, however I want to expand the topics I speak about. There’s so many other things I’m passionate about that I want to share, and I want to make this blog a space to talk about anything and everything I love. This ranges from beauty and fashion, to music and vegetarian/vegan recipes! I am very much so into alternative fashion and alternative music, and I want my blog to portray this more. I felt like my blog started to become the same as every other blog out there, and it didn’t portray me as a person, but that’s going to change.

I’ve changed my URL to nightlightgirl.com, inspired by one of my favourite Turnover songs on their latest album. Not only do I love the song and the lyrics (“Your bones have curves, your skin’s got lines and that’s the way that you were designed, and you can do it by yourself, yeah you don’t need anybody’s help” are just one of the many cute lines to the song), I also work mostly at night and do most of my blog writing at night, so I thought it was rather fitting and more universal!

In relation to them being my favourite band, this is something I’d also like to talk more about on my blog; my favourite bands and new music releases. My post on attending Slam Dunk was something I really enjoyed writing so I’d love to do it more! Music will have it’s own section on my blog so if you’re interested, you can tap on that. If not, you can tap on a different tab!

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for my first proper post back into blogging – I attended the Vans x ASOS event and got a little peep at the new Lazy Oaf x Vans collection!

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