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April Roundup, May Goals

May 5, 2017

It’s been a month since I started this little series, can you believe it! In that time, I feel my blog has grown so much more than I expected, and it’s time to weigh up how I did last month compared to this month and find out if I achieved my goals. It’s also time to set some new goals too!

Last Months Roundup

April Roundup

So looking at the above, everything has increased which is amazing!! I’m especially surprised at my growth on instagram and twitter as they’ve grown a lot more than I expected. The only goal I had in terms of my social media was for my twitter was to get to 500 followers and surpassed that pretty well so I’m really happy with that! I know people say numbers don’t matter, and sometimes they don’t, but it’s nice to have my content seen by more people! Here were my other goals for April, we’ll see how well I met them below..

Last Months Goals

Post Three Times a Week

This is something I’ve actually done and I’m so proud of myself, and also really pleased with the posts I’ve put out! There’s never been a point I’ve put out a post just for the sake of it, each one is a post I put thought and effort into and I’m proud of them all! More specifically, I’m most proud of my Adopt Don’t Shop post which also got a fantastic response for such a great cause 💖

Try Create a YouTube Channel

Okay, so I didn’t quite achieve this one. Honestly, April ended up being so busy I just didn’t have time. I have a video filmed, I just need to edit it. This is something I’ll save for June when I’ve finally finished uni I think!

Experiment with Make Up More

I feel I slightly met this goal, but not as much as I would have liked to. I did do a bomb cut crease which I was really proud of, and I also tried a Paramore inspired look, although it didn’t go as planned so I’ll be redoing that for sure.

Save up for a Custom Domain

I DID IT! As you’re reading this, you’re on my brand new domain which is something I’ve been wanting to do for so long. I thought it was going to be so expensive but in all honesty, it wasn’t too bad and I managed to transfer all my old blog posts over pretty well!

Three Things I’m Grateful For

I planned to do a post each Sunday of three things I’m grateful for, but again, I’ve just been too busy so I’ll save this for June too. I will list a few things I was grateful for in April though! I got a place at West Brom United photographing their football games which was so much fun and everyone was so lovely. I also got to photograph handmade festival in Leicester and discovered some really awesome bands, my new favourites being Shame and Idles. Idles have an amazing punk feel and half of the band got in the crowd which was so much fun!

I also got to visit my parents and my best friend who I hadn’t seen in so long, and I got surprised with Charlie, the dog my parents adopted! I’ve also had a few opportunities to work with brands last month, reviewing products which has given me more to post about on my blog! This includes my The Body Shop post and my Pendique post, and another coming very soon!

May Goals

Finish my Uni Work

I’m onto my last month of uni now, and as much as I want to give up, I need to push through and just get my work handed in. I feel I’m not going to get a great grade as my mental health has been all over the place, but even getting it done will be an achievement, trust me.

Take Good Care of my Tattoo

When I say this, I want to take good care of my tattoo and also document it as I may possibly make a post on my experience getting my first ever tattoo, which will be tomorrow! ahhhh!! Updates to come on my twitter and instagram I’m sure!

Shoot with More Models

I have a shoot with a lovely blogger this Sunday, and I want to shoot with more people. Not strictly models, just anyone who’s willing to let me point my camera at them so I can improve my portrait portfolio! So, if any of y’all are in the Midlands and want someone to take pics of you, hit a girl up at hayleyfearnleyphoto@gmail.com and I’ll do it for you for free! On that note, if any of you are interested in what I get up to, my website is www.hayleyfearnleyphoto.com!

Boost My Bloglovin Following

My bloglovin’ is something I really neglect and should spend more time on. I follow so many great bloggers on there but miss so many of their posts because I don’t check it, and so many people could be viewing my content through there too if they use it! It’s a great platform for people to keep updated with what I’m posting! I think realistically, I could get to 100 followers within a month but we’ll see…

So on that note, follow me on my socials in the side bar!

  1. Congratulations on your growth! And on your custom domain, of course. 🙂 It’s still a bit of a distant dream for me, haha. But I’m actually liking this concept of setting yourself goals for the month, and I think I might try it for myself. It helps make things a bit more concrete!


  2. That’s so many targets! Don’t wear yourself out 🙁 I admire your commitment though! Congratulations on achieving more followings 🙂

    Beccy Kiernan | BeccyKiernan.co.uk

  3. Ah well done lovely! These goals that you have achieved are all things to be so so proud of! Well done on posting three times a week aswell that is something to be so so proud of! Also, your makeup is always gorgeous X

  4. Your cut crease looks amazing!! I wish I had those skills! Well done on all your achievements and I can’t wait to see your youtube video! Good luck with this months goals!

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