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How I Style Embroidery Part 2, featuring New Look!

April 26, 2017

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You might remember a couple months ago, I made a post showing how I style embroidered clothing. Embroidery fast became one of my favourite items of clothing, and it’s showing no signs of coming off the top spot. So with that being said, I’m here to give you two new outfits because I clearly can’t control myself when it comes to embroidery. Oops..

The Jumper – £29.99

Find the same in black here, pink currently out of stock

I found this jumper in New Look and debated for ages whether to get it in my size or a size bigger as I like my jumpers quite oversized. I ended up settling for the bigger size, although I kinda wish I hadn’t as it’s quite oversized anyway and now feels a touch too big, but that’s okay, I’ll deal with it. I feel like you can’t tell too much once it’s tucked into some jeans or trousers.

I opted for these pleated trousers from Topshop which are my go-to for when I’m looking for comfort. They’re surprisingly not too cold and keep my legs warm on chillier spring days, but keep them cool when it’s hot. They’re a win/win! I team these with my high top converse which are also my go-to lately as you might have seen in my Casual Dresses post last month.

The Jeans – £29.99

Admittedly, I already have a pair of embroidered jeans, but I’ve found that most of the time they’re MOM jeans just like the ones I already own, so I was pleasantly surprised to find these skinny ripped jeans in New Look, with a more subtle embroidered pattern on them which makes them much easier to wear. This has been my go-to outfit lately and the jeans are so comfy it’s crazy!

Again, I paired these with my converse high tops because they’re just so darn comfy and easy to wear.


What I love about these is that they cut off at just the right spot so there’s a bit of ankle showing in between them and my hi tops, shoutout New Look petite!

Similar jumpers to the above also here and here.

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