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A Vegan Easter Pt 2.

April 12, 2017

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Last year, I made a post about vegan easter treats. At the time, I was only starting off my vegan journey and since then, a new vegan store has opened in Coventry and I’ve found a few more products. If you want to see what I found last year, click here. This year, I didn’t get too much just as I didn’t last year as I just don’t have the money, so I made every penny count and got a variety of things instead.


I only bought one easter egg this year as I feel they’re pretty expensive when it comes to free from eggs. You get a tiny hollow egg for a high price tag. However, if you wish to invest, Sainsbury’s and Tesco had their own free from white and milk chocolate versions in the shops by me, and my shops are limited in their free from ranges so there’s hope for everyone!

Moo Free Cheeky Orange Egg


The egg I chose to invest in this year is the Moo Free cheeky orange egg that also comes with chocolate buttons. This one seemed much more worth my money compared to the tiny ones supermarket’s have to offer, as it has a more unique flavour to it and comes with chocolate buttons too, an added bonus! I got this from The Green Unicorn in Coventry but you can find it in many health food stores, vegan stores online (here and here), H&B, Waitrose (currently 2 for £7!), Ocado and many other places.


Moo Free Lily-Lu’s Minty Moo 


Available all year round, these chocolate bars from Moo Free are great for all ages and as a little treat every now and then too. What I love about these is that again, they have a unique flavour compared to your bog standard dark chocolate bars, and they imitate milk chocolate too! This was again from The Green Unicorn but you can buy them at the same places as the egg above.

Cocoalibre Rice Milk Chicks


I found these little cuties in Holland and Barrett, who’s easter products were probably the most expensive out of everywhere I looked. These tiny chicks cost me over £4, like what! I mainly got them for the purpose of this post but what’s great about them is they’re solid chocolate so it feels like you get more for your money, and they’re made from rice milk so again, aren’t as bitter as the bog standard dark chocolate option and try to imitate milk chocolate instead.


Holland and Barrett also had some amazing offerings from Booja Booja but they were around £9 for a little egg shaped tin of chocolates, which I was not prepared to spend on myself!

Bumble’s Easter Round Up


Round Up’s are something I’ve wanted to try for a while now as I’ve heard they’re similar to wagon wheels, but vegan! I thought what better time to try them than at easter with this cute little easter version.


When opening it, I was surprised to find it was one big ass version of a wagon wheel, and I thought it was two when feeling it in the packaging before opening. It has a chocolate biscuit outside with the words “Eat Me” pressed into it. The middle is coated in chocolate and it’s also drizzled on the underside of it too as shown below.


Inside is a heap of vegan marshmallow rolled in honeycomb which adds an extra taste to the concoction. Overall this might be one of my favourite products as it’s so unlike anything I’ve had since becoming vegan, and contains a variety of flavours.


This was again, from the Green Unicorn Store in Coventry but can be found in other health food stores and vegan stores, or online at www.anandafoods.co.uk, not only the owner of these beautiful little treats, but also my favourite brand of vegan marshmallows. Check out the website to see what else she has to offer!

Have you bought any vegan treats this easter? If so, I’d love to know what else you picked up! Till next time, Hayley x

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