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March Roundup, April Goals

April 10, 2017

So, this year has been pretty hectic for me. It’s my final year of uni and I have one more month till I hand in my work and I’m free, which is kinda scary. I feel like things have been so busy, I haven’t had any time for me, but in April, I’m going to try change that. This post will be part of a new series, where I do a roundup of the previous month and talk about my goals for the following month. This is inspired by Kayleigh over at her blog here, and Chelsea’s blog post here!

March Roundup

For my March round up, I want to focus on how well I met my goals for that month, and also document my following for that month so track my progression. As this is my first post of monthly goals, for March I will just record my following instead!


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April Goals

Get 500 Twitter Followers

As I feel I’ve been growing my following quite quickly recently, I’m hoping this is somewhat achievable to gain this amount, and I’d be over the moon to get to this point! As it stands as I’m checking over this post (I wrote it on April 1st), I now have 437 so I feel 500 is achievable!

Post three times a week on my blog

I mainly do this anyway, but I do sometimes miss days or post at the wrong times (I usually upload at 3pm), therefore I want to make sure I’m a lot more consistent this month! I also want to try uploading beauty posts Monday’s, fashion on Wednesday’s and Vegan posts on Friday’s!

Try create a YouTube Tutorial

This is something I’ve tried before whilst doing a hair tutorial, but it didn’t work out, so I want to try a makeup tutorial instead perhaps as this is always difficult to explain in blog posts!

Experiment with Makeup More

I feel like lately, I’ve been doing the same looks despite their being so much I want to try, so this month I’m going to make sure I try new looks!!

Save up for a custom domain

I’ve been wanting my own domain for a while now and I’ve finally found somewhere I can easily transfer my wordpress over to, but it requires paying a few months up front so it’s something I haven’t yet been able to afford unfortunately!

Three Things I’m Grateful For

I’d love to do this as a weekly post at the end of each week to spread a little positivity and reflect on what I was grateful for that week. With all the stress of third year and with work getting super busy, and also my mental health not being at it’s best, I hope this can help to shine some rays of positivity into my life, and hopefully inspire others too!

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