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Natural Remedies to Relaxation

April 7, 2017

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Hello everybody, I’ve got something a little bit different to my usual posts for you today, and more of a lifestyle than beauty/fashion post. I decided to create it as I’m currently in my final year of uni and the stress and anxiety is unreal, and I struggle to sleep a lot of the time, so hopefully I can try help those in the same boat/similar situation!


This isn’t a definitive list and I’m not saying they’ll definitely work, but for me, they provide just a nice little bit of relaxation away from the stresses of every day life!

Calm by Michael Acton Smith


This is a book I recently found out about from Tiffany over on her March Favourite’s post. The book is split into chapters, my favourite being the first one on nature. Each chapter has little tasks/exercises you can undertake to help you into a state of calm.


It also talks about mindfulness, which is something I had been practicing already and involves a form of meditation each day. The meditation isn’t what you’d usually associate with it though and it doesn’t involve being sat down in a weird position chanting “ommmm, ommmm”, it’s actually much more simple than that and helps to clear your head and stop you worrying about everything so much.

Herbal Tea


So this is probably the most well known natural remedy there is, and there’s so much writing out there about what herbal tea’s you should be taking for different problems. I actually don’t really read these and just pick up whatever sounds good to me, but I’m sure it would be much better if I did. My most recent purchase is this Twining’s Camomile and spiced apple tea. Herbal tea is great as it’s caffeine free which means if you have it before you go to sleep, it’s not going to keep you awake.


I also love it as when I make a cup of tea, I make it for me-time. I know that once I have that cup, I’m going to get all cosy in bed and just relax and sip away whilst watching tv or reading a book. Another favourite I had before this was a sleep tea from Clipper’s which was perfect to have before bed on a night.

Tisserand Essential Oil’s


Essential Oil’s work great alongside herbal tea and work in a similar way. Different oils can work in different ways on the body. For example, it’s pretty much general knowledge that lavender helps you sleep, and Tisserand have worked with knowledge similar to this to create the perfect blends for different situations. These roller ball’s are perfect, as there’s one for when you’re struggling to sleep, one for de-stressing and one to help make you feel energised.


The Sweet Dreams one is my favourite, and massaging the roller ball over your wrists, temples and other pulse points can help to relax you further, whilst it releases a scent to send you off to sleep. As well as Tisserand, I’d recommend looking into Neal’s Yard too, who also have a diffuser for essential oils which looks wonderful, and they have their own blends too.


I’d love to know in the comments if any of these interest you, or if you have any remedies yourself!

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  1. Such a lovely post! I have the ‘Calm’ book but I’ve yet to read it. I struggle with anxiety quite a bit and I also find that ginger and lemon tea is fantastic for settling your tummy and helping you relax! Thanks so much for these tips, I need to give aromatherapy a try too!
    Claire xo

    1. I haven’t read all if yet but from what I have read, the Calm book is amazing! Such a wide range of little tips and tasks to help with anxiety 🙂 ooo I will have to try ginger and lemon, that sounds perfect! x

  2. Herbal tea is a really good one. I really like this one tea called Snore & Peace which doesn’t taste the nicest (not really a fan of chamomile) but it does what it says on the tin! I might have to try the spiced apple tea in the hope it tastes a little less like chamomile ha


    1. That sounds amazing! I hated herbal tea to begin with but knowing the benefits, I stuck with it and I feel I’ve acquired a taste for it now so may have to try that one to see if I can manage it haha! x

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