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Eating Vegan In: Berlin

March 29, 2017

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A couple months ago I took a trip to Berlin with my course at university. This is something I was sooo excited for as I’d never been before but it’s been top of my list ever since I found out how good they are at catering for vegans. Before visiting, I could have never have imagined just how good they are at catering for vegans, but when I arrived it seemed everywhere we went had something that topped the measly salad offerings in most British restaurants. In this post, I’ll show you a couple highlights from my time there.

On arriving, we were welcomed into the place we’d be staying for the next four nights. This was Meininger Berlin Station Hotel. After a long day of travelling, we wandered off to find something to eat close by and came across a cute little restaurant about a 10 minute walk away, that was pretty busy so it must be good. And let me tell you, it was beyond good. The vegan menu made me want to cry actual tears of joy and also heartbreak that we don’t have this in England. The place was called Peter Pane which specialised in burgers. Below you can see the vegan offerings, but it also catered for meat eaters so you can bring your meat eating friends along too!

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I went with the Lagune because I heard vegan cheddar and sweet potato tahini cutlet and about died. I also switched the mango-chilli chutney for the garlic mayo because it’s not often you find vegan mayo in restaurants, especially the garlic kind aka the best kind.

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Another day we decided to venture out further afield and head to a bookstore called ProQM. After visiting, we felt a little hungry and also wanted to find somewhere to drink. The first place we stumbled upon ended up being a wine bar and didn’t tickle our fancy, but right next to this was the brightest restaurant I’ve ever seen which specialised in asian street food. After a long search on google maps, I’ve found out it was called District Môt – Saignon Street Food.  Here I got a tofu dish, the name of which was so obscure I’m not even going to try to spell it, but it was described as “crispy fried tofu in lemongrass and red pepper”, alongside a bowl of rice. I also got a super fancy drink with lychee in it which was a new experience for me!



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For lunch one day, we decided to stick close to our hotel as we were working on a project in groups, so we ventured into the train station outside our hotel. At first, I thought the train station had nothing but these next two restaurants proved me wrong! The restaurant we visited on this day was called Vapiano’s which was a little Italian restaurant where they literally make the food right in front of you, or they give you a pager and when your food is done, you go collect it. When you walk in, you’re given a card and you just scan this at whatever station you collect your food from and it adds your food onto it as well as your drinks, which made paying the bill so much easier at the end! Below is a sneak peak at the menu too, I went for the ratatouille which was a blessing to my soul, and if I remember correctly, the little blue l symbol means it’s vegan.

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The plants shown below are a little snippet of the huge array of plants they had where they would pick the ingredients from such as basil and thyme, how cool!!

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The other little surprise in the train station, and a great place for something quick, was Dean & David. I didn’t manage to get a picture of all my food but I got a really nice risotto pot from here, alongside this vegan apple crumble! The only reason I have a picture is because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pronounce it and it was in the shop window rather than in the cafe itself haha. I also got Fritz Cola which is amazing, and they give you reusable bottle tops so you can put it in your bag rather than drinking it all at once, what a great idea!

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My final share is one of my last lunches in Berlin that week. We made it our mission to see the Berlin Wall before we left and as we got to the end, a few friends went into a donner kebab shop but actually came out with falafel kebabs and halloumi kebabs so you know I went straight on in there for the falafel. Honestly, as good as all the other food was, this might have been the best just because I’ve never had falafel so good before. I usually hate falafel but I must be having the wrong stuff because this was heavenly!!

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