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New Glasses and Trying Contact Lenses

March 17, 2017

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I’ve worn glasses for around 5 years now, and I wear them every single day. I am short-sighted which means I can’t see anything long distance that well, as it just looks blurry. I’ve worn the same pair of glasses for around 3/4 years, which are my Gok Wan glasses which aren’t even sold anymore. As much as I like these, I decided it was time for something different. I wanted a new pair of glasses, and also wanted to try out contact lenses for occasional use when I wanted to show off my makeup a bit more or look a bit more dressed up on a night out.


The first thing I chose was my glasses. Specsavers offer a large variety of glasses, although I do find it difficult to find a pair I actually like as they’re all pretty standard shapes and sizes and I like my glasses to be a bit different. If you can’t find anything in Specsavers, Boots Opticians have an amazing range too. You can also buy online and there are websites that let you order trial glasses to try on at home, but for me it’s just easier to go into a physical store.


Specsavers have different price points for different glasses, ranging from their own brand to high end designer brands. I looked around and surprisingly, I actually preferred this pair from their own brand which was also great as they only cost £45 which is great compared to the designer ones which retail for over £100. I really like these as they are different to the shape of most of what they offer, and I love the rose gold metal too. I also prefer bigger glasses as I can’t see the rims of them whilst wearing them. In case you’re interested, this pair is called “Hurston”.


After this, I had a consultation about contact lenses. The main reason for trying them was because I found out Specsavers offer a free trial of contact lenses so you can figure out whether you like them or not. I’ve always said I’d never get them because I hate touching my eyes, but now I feel like a pro after trying them out for a week which I didn’t expect to happen.


They gave me two different types of contacts to try in my eyes and each day, I’d wear one in my left and the other in my right eye. My right eye always felt uncomfortable and it turned out the lenses in this eye were thicker and not as moist, so they gave me the thinner ones I was wearing in my left eye that also didn’t dry up my eyes as quick.

In terms of paying for them after the free trial, I signed up to pay by direct debit and also get a free pair of glasses included and all my future tests and appointments free of charge. You can also pay just for the contact lenses but future tests etc would cost extra. They ended up giving me a deal where they gave me the contacts and all the extra goodies for the same price as what it costs just to sign up and get the contacts which was great! If you’re even slightly thinking of trying out contact lenses, I really recommend giving the free trial a go. Someone will sit with you during your consultation and show you how to put them in and take them out and get you to repeat this three times so they know you’re okay with using them!

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