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#BeCrueltyFree Lush Shampoo Bar

March 15, 2017

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Shampoo Bar’s

Shampoo bars are a new concept to me and something I have been curious about for quite some time. I always looked at them in suspicion thinking there’s no way this is gonna be for me. I assumed half of the product would be gone as soon as it touched the water and it would make a giant mess in my shower and would be a nightmare to travel with. I was wrong.


I could literally swipe this across my hair back and forth once and all of a sudden, have a huge lather of soap to massage into my hair. It takes the tiniest bit of product to cover my whole hair in shampoo, and I can see this lasting months! You can also buy a little metal tin to store it in which makes it less messy and easy to travel with! It costs £2.50 for the tin, but once you have it, you can use it again and again for all your future shampoo bars!


Below the hashtag is the same text in Chinese. It contains the text in both English and Chinese as these are the two most used languages on social media. However, I also feel it’s relevant as China still require foreign companies to test their products on animals to sell in China. You thought MAC stopped testing on animals? Think again, they sold out to sell in China. You thought Korres sold in China? They actually pulled out because they didn’t want to test on animals.


These are the things some people don’t think about when they think of cruelty free cosmetics. Many companies actually state online that they don’t test on animals “unless required by law” which is where they’ve decided to sell out on their morals to make more money in China. In England, it is illegal to test cosmetics on animals and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be in other countries too.

On this note, Lush have also been known to stop people buying in bulk because there’s a risk they can be brought to China, and seized to be tested on animals.

The Humane Society

Lush partnered up with The Humane Society for the relaunch of this shampoo bar, which began as “New Shampoo Bar” and in place of the hashtag on a stick of wood, was a cinnamon stick. They decided to use New as the shampoo bar to display the message on as it was the best selling, so what better way to circulate the message than print it on a best seller? The Human Society have a worldwide campaign known as the Be Cruelty Free campaign which involves a petition people can sign to help stop animal testing across the world. Click this link and sign it now!


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