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OOTD: How to Dress Up a Casual Hoodie

March 13, 2017

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The Look


It’s all in the shoes

I haven’t done an outfit of the day post in a while, but I was in the studio playing around today and ended up with pictures of a new hoodie and some new boots I bought, so I might as well turn those pictures into a post!

This outfit could have easily been super casual as soon as I put on the usual Nike SB trainers, but today I decided to put on my new boots. I feel as though this instantly dresses up the outfit as it adds a subtle hint of class to it and makes it look a lot more thought out rather than throwing on your trainers.


I feel like Yeezy


The main attraction for me however, is the hoodie. It arrived today from Urban Outfitters and is a beautiful muted pastel orange colour. The pastel colour really reminds me of Kanye West’s season 2 clothing line, which featured a lot of nude pastel colours, and also the occasional slouchy casual item. I feel this hoodie wouldn’t look too out of place in the collection.


Urban Renewal

Despite the colour being really pretty, it does look different to what is advertised online as it looked more yellow on the website. I assume this is because it’s from their urban renewal range which means each garment is unique. The website does state they are individually bleached so you never know how it will look until it actually turns up.


The Denim Jacket

IMG_0177-1bI feel as though pairing this with a denim jacket works really well and keeps it looking casual, but still looks as though some effort has gone into it thanks to the boots. It also helps to keep the hoodie the main point of focus as the rest of the outfit is essentially black with a few pops of colour.


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