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Wishlist #1

March 12, 2017

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I recently mentioned over on my twitter that I might start doing wishlist style posts on Sunday’s so I have content going up on weekends too. I also want to do wish list style posts as there’s so much stuff I’d love to share with you that you could buy yourself, that I can’t show you because I don’t have the money to buy all these beautiful products since I’m a poor little uni student. Therefore, wish lists are a great way to show you some new stuff that I’m loving, without actually having to purchase them which is great!

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So without further ado, here goes my first ever wish list post!

Drop Dead Scream Long sleeve – £40.00


Okay, so this a mens item I know. But stay with me here. Lately I’ve been loving baggy clothing. I don’t hate my figure and want to hide it or anything like that, I just love the way it looks. It looks so casual but in a cool way. The main problem I have is finding baggy clothing, but when it comes to mens clothing, it’s already baggy on me anyway. Plus, I really don’t see why girls shouldn’t be able to wear boys clothes and vice versa because gender stereotypes are whack and you can wear whatever the heck you want!

Studded Boots – £85.00


This one is more of a “damn, why they gotta use leather though” kinda items. I love the style of the boots, but why it gotta be leather though? I’m hoping to keep an eye out for boots similar to this without the cruelty as I love the size of the heel and all the studded details too. Also, if they weren’t leather, they’d probably be cheaper too!

Embroidered Platforms – £34.00


So um, embroidery might be the death of me and I might own a lot already, but look how god damn cute these are! This are perfect all year round as the black works great for the more wintery months, but the flowers really help to brighten them up and give them more spring/summer vibes. I also love that they’re platforms and the platform runs to the front of the shoe too as this will add height but will be so much comfier to wear as it makes the heel at the back of the shoe feel less high! I’m not sure if I would manage to work these, but I can try!

Black Mesh Dress – £40


I recently found out Zoe London has a blog on top of her YouTube channel so I was having a scroll through yesterday and saw her mention a mesh dress from Ragged Priest that she wore over the top of a band tee and shorts. Whilst her dress looked a bit long for me, it really helped me with some inspiration on how to further style band tees for a more dress up look, and thought this could look really cute over a band tee and some shorts!

ABH Stick Foundation in ‘Shadow’ – £24


I can’t remember who I saw using this recently but it looked like the perfect contour shade when it was used! I’ve been looking into cream contours for a while and new products in general to contour with that are much more cool toned than the current sleek palette I’m using and this looks like the best colour yet for a really nice, realistic contour colour! Unfortunately, it’s out of stock anyway but when it’s back in stock, it looks like a must have!

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