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Daily Makeup Storage for Small Spaces

March 10, 2017

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As a uni student living in student accommodation, I don’t exactly have a huge amount of space. This means I have to be a lot smarter about my storage solutions and choose wisely to optimise the space I have. This also makes storing makeup a lot harder, as I hate having my makeup stored in a makeup bag like a lot of my friends have (plus, mine would not fit in one bag). I like to have the makeup I use daily all laid out in front of me and if I had the space, I’d have all my other eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks in one big chest of Ikea drawers, each drawer categorised. But unfortunately, you just can’t do that in a small space that already comes furnished!

So, in this post I’m going to show you how I store my make up at university in hope that anyone else with a small living space gets some inspiration from this and it helps you in some way.

Tiger Acrylic Storage System


First of all is the make up I like laid out in front of me, or close to hand at least. For this, I use a little acrylic storage unit from Tiger. I had seen bigger and prettier versions in TK Maxx that have so many little lipstick holders, whereas this only has 4, but buying one of those would have meant less desk space and I need that desk space for my printer and to do work at. Therefore, I opted for this as a happy medium and I keep the main essentials in here, plus a little extra that might fit.

Lippy Holders


As mentioned, it has 4 lipstick holders so I tend to keep my prettiest ones here to show off and use almost as decoration. This includes two of my Kylie lip kits as well as a Jeffree Star Liquid Lip I got on sale and NYX Liquid Suede in Run the World.


What I like about these holders is that they’re big enough to slot in lip liners next to the corresponding lipsticks, as it works with my Charlotte Tilbury versions too, so everything can stay together neatly which make’s them easier to find.


A Spectrum of Brushes

Behind this, there are two more sections. In the top-left, I keep all my smaller makeup brushes, mainly for my eyes. The brushes shown are from Spectrum and can be found here.


Fine Liners, Vivid and Dark

In the compartment next to the brushes, I just put lip liners and eyeliners that don’t have a solid base to stand up on. Then next to these is an angled compartment. In here I like to keep all the eyeliners that stand up on their own as well as my concealer for easy access.


The Base for my Base


In the larger area, I keep my foundation, favourite perfume, and a primer. At the moment, I’m getting towards the end of my Nars foundation so I have two in here. I also usually keep my beauty blender here where the Illamasqua skin base is, as it helps to make sure it doesn’t touch the bottom so it dries evenly the whole way through. I do still keep it next to this, but it’s in the process of being cleaned right now!

Highlight and Contour

In the drawers, I like to keep single shadows and my contour and highlighting powders…


Here you can see what’s in the bottom drawer. It’s perfect to keep compacts in like small contour palettes, like this one from Sleek, and highlighters too.



I also have a lipstick in here that doesn’t fit in the top compartment, and doesn’t get used very often. Alongside this is a small eyelash glue for safe keeping as it gets lost when stored anywhere else as it’s so small.

Single Shadows


The next drawer is a little more full and some things have had to be stacked, but it’s only things I don’t use all that often that are stacked at the bottom. With this drawer I also like to put my least used items to the back, which includes my NYX colour correcting concealer as I often don’t have redness unless I have a spot.


Here you can see that some No7 eyeshadows have been stacked onto larger eyeshadows, which make it easier to see what’s underneath them.


Smaller Palettes, Used Often


Now onto what’s next to the acrylic drawer. Here I keep my most used and smaller palettes. This includes my multi coloured NYX palette which is great to keep here as it’s so versatile so can be used daily. Behind that is a palette from Too Faced’s 2015 Christmas range, in here are some neutral eyeshadow colours (browns and gold), along with my favourite blush. There were other palettes that came in a set with this, but I use this every day. Then at the back, I keep my Pro Face Kit by B. which has an amazing cream highlighter in that I like to use now and then, and find it’s easiest to store it here.

Base Brush Storage


Now, onto my makeup brush storage. As seen already, I store my eyeshadow brushes in the Tiger unit, however my base brushes don’t fit into here as they’re pretty big. I use this little pot from Ikea which i’m pretty sure every blogger has but I love how simple they are, and white also helps to open up the space.


In here I keep my face brushes and any other little bits I need such as mascara, eyelash curler and eyeshadow primers.


Final Bits and Bobs


Finally, there’s a few extra bits that are just too bulky for a storage system, so I keep them neatly tucked away as they’re still things I use daily. This includes my retractable bronzer brush from Real Techniques, which is great to store here as it has such a sturdy base that stands out. Then I have my RCMA No Colour powder (which I dropped all over my carpet today, it wasn’t fun trying to clean it up and salvage it). I also keep my NYX setting spray here. I do have an Urban Decay one but find it’s too big to keep here, so I keep that in my cupboard next to my desk, where I also have my bigger eyeshadow palettes stacked up. I won’t show that as it’s pretty ugly and there’s a lot of other stuff in there too. But storing them in cupboards is great to keep your room looking clutter free, whilst having easy access to them!

And that’s it for my daily makeup storage, I hope this helped anyone struggling with how to store their makeup within a small space!

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