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Styling Band Merch

March 8, 2017

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As mentioned in my February slays and nays, I’ve been loving the recent trend of wearing band tees and it’s given me inspiration to revive all my old merch and buy a few new items too. I have a few ways I like to style what I have to make them a bit more fashionable than just a basic tee on it’s own, and I thought I’d share these different styles with you.

Over a striped long sleeve


This is probably the most casual look out of all the looks I’ll show you, but it also my most worn. It’s super easy and comfortable to wear, and the long sleeves at an extra layer of warmth whilst also adding a little more fashion to the outfit too. I like to do this with all my black band tees and pair it with black jeans/leggings for a simple, yet cute look.

The tshirt is from Taking Back Sunday from their recent UK tour and the striped long sleeve was from topshop, but pretty much everywhere sells them now!


In a Knot


Another way I like to style my tshirts for a casual look is to tie them in a knot at the bottom, and add fish net tights for an extra bit of detail. With this outfit, it is all in the details with the knot and the fish nets.



With Ripped Jeans and Fish Nets


Another super casual look, this time I wear a tshirt on it’s own and add the detail in the jeans instead. Here I wear super ripped jeans with fish nets underneath which add a grungy look to it.



A Hoodie with Thigh High Boots


Finally, possibly the least casual of all the looks, I’ve been experimenting with wearing more of my oversized garments with thigh high boots. I’m not sure how I feel about them yet, but here’s an oversized hoodie paired with them anyway.


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