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My Vegan Skincare Routine

March 6, 2017

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I’ve recently started changing up my skincare and slowly started straying away from  certain Superdrug products as they don’t really do much for my skin and have actually been making my skin feel worse, more so their moisturisers. I’ve been doing a little research, but mostly just trying lots of products till I found something that worked. This is by no means complete and it will probably change soon enough, by which point, I’ll update you! Until then, here’s what I’m currently using, which is all also vegan alongside being cruelty free!

Lush Skin Drink – £14.95


Mentioned in my January favourites, I’ve been using this baby for two months now and I think it’s the best moisturiser I’ve ever tried. It not only hydrates my skin and leaves it soft and smooth, it has also helped to reduce spots and texture on my skin. I believe it’s this as for a while, it was the only thing that changed in my usual products and after about two weeks I started seeing a difference!

It is a little pricey but honestly, it’s so worth the price. Whilst I believe you shouldn’t put a price on skin care, there’s a limit, but I believe this is affordable enough to invest it, your skin will thank you so much later on in life and hydrated skin with a smooth texture makes makeup application so much easier!

Boots Botanics Hydrating Day Cream – £5.33


Bontanic’s by Boots is a range I’ve often wondered about over it’s cruelty free status. I know Superdrug are completely cruelty free with their own brand products as every vegan under the British sun talks about them, but I never see much talk on Botanics. I decided to do a little research and they seem to be cruelty free from what I’ve found, so I bought it as I needed a cheap day time moisturiser.


I used to use Botanics before going cruelty free for a while and at the time, I didn’t really take any notice of whether it worked, but I’ll be taking note over the next month to see how this goes. If there’s anything that changes in my skincare routine, it will be this as finding a good day time moisturiser is the hardest thing for me. Skin Drink is great but I used it during the day and it was too “greasy” under my makeup, the whole too “greasy” thing is great on a night because I know it’s going to sink into my skin over night and be really hydrating but it’s not ideal for during the day. I want something hydrating but not too greasy which is a tough thing to find!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner – £6.00


This might be a product I’ve actually never really changed, other than when I couldn’t afford it or I was trying different options, but I’ve always come back to it. This is Body Shop’s Tea Tree toner which I’ve used ever since I was 15! I originally used it to combat spots along with a few other things in the tea tree range, and they really did help. Now I have a lot less spots as I’ve gotten older due to my hormones calming down, but I like to still use this to keep spots at bay and try avoid them before they come up. I feel as though this really keeps my skin nice and clean, and I like to use it after I’ve finished my usual cleanse and tone routine, which sometimes varies, but it’s often the products used below…

Superdrug Simply Pure Toner and Cleanser – £2.69 each


Before becoming cruelty free, I swore by Simple’s cleanser and toner. This is what my mum always used so instead of going through that teen stage of using make up wipes, I’d always use the same products as my mum. I got judged a little at sleepovers when I was smearing mascara all round my face with the cleanser, but I was the one with better skin! I spent ages looking for a cruelty free alternative and used Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser for a while as an alternative but it was too pricey, then I found this. The thing I love about this form of cleansing and toning is that it doesn’t involve water and the cleansing step involves a lotion so it feels much more hydrating to my skin overall.

To use these products, I start off with four cotton pads, usually Superdrug’s own double sided pads (these have a side for lotions and a side for liquids), and lay them on my desk ready to grab. I then take the cleanser onto my finger tips and spread it onto both hands, then using both hands, use one for each side of my face and rub it all around. This smears the makeup everywhere and my boyfriend says I look like a Black Veil Brides die hard fan, but it helps to get all the makeup off straight away. Once it’s all over your face, just take two cotton pads and use one each side of your face to remove the residue. Then all you have to do is pour some of the toner onto the remaining cotton wool pads and take off the excess. Then I use one more cotton pad to go in with the tea tree toner mentioned above, then moisturise!

Sudocrem – £2.99 (not vegan)


Sudocrem Animal Testing Policy Not Cruelty Free

So, this one isn’t actually cruelty free and I’m still on the hunt for a cruelty free option as I don’t particularly like promoting it on my blog, but I also like to be honest with you guys. I bought this pre-vegan and as it’s such a big tub, I haven’t even dented the surface yet. I kinda wanted to include this to let you guys know that it’s okay to use things that you bought before making the switch to a cruelty free lifestyle, then buy alternatives when they’re used up. I think it’s so wasteful to chuck out products because you’re making the switch. I use this on my acne and it works a treat at healing them and reducing redness, but in my next skincare post, I’ll be finding an alternative to include!

Superdrug Face Wash – £3.29


Already mentioned in my cruelty free bathroom essentials, I’ll just give this a brief mention here. I use this in the morning to refresh my face and remove any left over moisturiser and any makeup I might have missed the night before (often mascara), using a luke warm flannel. I then lather this over my face and gently rub it over my eyes, then wash away and pat my face dry with a clean towel, then go in with moisturiser. I use this just because it’s cheap, but I also find it doesn’t dry out my face as much as foam face washes do.

Superdrug Under Eye Cream – £2.99


I bought this just to give my under eyes that extra bit of moisture as when I bake, it can dry out my under eyes a little more. I also bought it in hopes it reduces under eye creasing when using foundation and concealer. Honestly, I’m not sure how well it works as I haven’t seen much difference, I just like to use it as it’s cheap unlike a lot of eye creams, and it’s got to be better than nothing right? If you’ve used this, I’d love to know your thoughts or if not, I’d love to know what you use instead! To use this, I just apply it straight from the bottle onto my under eyes and create a curved line from my inner corner to the tail of my brow and gently tap this into my skin.

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been cruelty free for just over a year now, and recently become vegetarian and i’m lactose intolerant so i’m definitely planning on going vegan… Food shopping and money is holding me back a little its taking my family a bit of getting used to, but we’ll get there. I mainly made the changes for my skin to begin with as I suffer with hormonal cystic acne, I know Boots own brand doesn’t test on animals! Their tree tree and witch hazel brand & their simply sensitive are my favourites!

    I recently discovered sudocrem being good for acne, and I also have eczema, which it is both good for! I knew it wasn’t vegan, and I suspected that it could be not cruelty free…. But it is one of the best products for my cystic acne and believe me i’ve tried everything. Also my birth control pill contains a small amount lactose, and i’m definitely not prepared to change that because it works so well for my body. And I know some people who are cruelty free, make exceptions for example medical products, and I would say that sudocrem, and my birth control, fall under that, but it really upsets me to know that the things that work well for me aren’t cruelty free. 🙁

    How would you do you deal with these issues?
    Many thanks

    1. Hello Megan!

      I had the same problem when I first went veggie/vegan, my parents hated the thought but they’ve learnt to deal with it over time and my dad actually loves the challenge of making me new meals I’ve never tried now! The Boots own brand stuff sounds great, I have heard a lot of amazing things about them!

      In regards to the sudocrem, I believe being vegan is about doing as much as you possibly can, instead of everything. Mental and physical health comes first, and if your acne and eczema are big problems for you, they should take priority! I currently use The Ordinary Salicylic acid for my spots and that works a treat, it’s cheap and not tested on animals, and the great thing is, there’s not loads of other ingredient thrown in there, it’s just pure as it is and gets the job done! Lush dream cream is also meant to be amazing for Eczema but I know their products aren’t on the cheap side. I am on the implant and that works amazing for me, just because I always forgot to take my pill haha, but if the pill works for you, by all means stay on it! If you cut out dairy everywhere else, you’re already doing so amazing!! Every little helps honestly!

      Best wishes girl!

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