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February Slays and Nays

March 1, 2017

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Better Than Sex Mascara – £19.00


This mascara has actually been my favourite for a while, but being a student, I can’t always afford it. Luckily, after a few months of putting up with my NYX mascara (mentioned below), my boyfriend bought me this as a surprise for Christmas as he knows my love for it, and it’s treated me well every since. I thought I should give it a spot on my February Slays despite being an all year round favourite for a while now, just because it’s that darn good.


This mascara really helps to lengthen and thicken my lashes and I’ve had people even ask if they’re falsies before! I get a lot of compliments when I use this, and I like to build it up using two layers rather than one, for extra volume.

Band Merch


From around the age of 16-19, all I wore was band merch from my favourite bands. Then came a day where I just started to phase them out as I didn’t feel fashionable and felt as though I was getting too old for it. Now I’m 21, suddenly band merch is an actual trend and bands like Slayer are being sold in Topshop, when I was mocked for listening to them when I was younger! I love the merch sold in Topshop, however I can’t help but feel a little judged for wearing it now as if I’m succumbing to the trend and don’t actually know who they are.


It’s for this reason, I’ve decided to dig out my old band merch and buy a few new items at some gigs I’ve been to recently, and style them to give them some new life! My two recent favourites are my Taking Back Sunday tee and Muncie Girls tee, alongside some cute pins to add to my tote bag! I’ll be doing a post soon showing you how I style my band tees, so stay tuned!

RCMA No Colour Powder – $12


I’ve been surviving off my Kiko Milano Translucent Loose Powder for a while now, and honestly it’s been tough. Whilst it sets my makeup, it’s quite drying on my under eyes so I can’t bake with it. If I do bake with it, my under eyes instantly start flaking and looking really dry. It also gave me insane flash back which made me avoid club photos on nights out like the plague. I’ve heard a lot about the RCMA No Colour powder so decided to give it a try and honestly, I’m shook. It sets my makeup so well, with no flash back, and even better, I can bake my under eyes and they don’t feel dry whatsoever, it’s a miracle! I can also build up my bake with this a lot better and apply it more heavily, whereas it was difficult to do so with my Kiko powder. Read more about it over here!


Superdrug Ultra Firm Hairspray – £1.19


One thing that has let me down this month is Superdrug’s own brand hairspray. Since going cruelty free, I’ve had to ditch my trusty Treseme freeze hold, and since then I’ve not found a cruelty free alternative that keeps my hair in place like that did.


With Superdrug’s own brand hairspray, I use the strongest one and it just feels as though it does nothing and just makes my hair knotty. It holds my hair for all of five minutes then I step outside and it’s gone! If anyone has any recommendations for good hairspray, do send them my way! I’m thinking of buying one from Davine’s next so I’ll keep you updated!

NYX XXL Mascara – £6.50


As mentioned, Better than Sex is my favourite mascara ever. It’s for this reason, I think I might just not like this mascara so much. No mascara has ever been able to compete yet, and what I didn’t like about this was that the brush is so big, it gets all over my eyelids, not cute when I’ve just finished off an amazing eyeshadow look! I do however, think this is great value for money and I can see it working for other people, it just didn’t work for me unfortunately!

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