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A Message to the World, From Lush.

February 22, 2017

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Just before Christmas, I was having a little browse through Lush and came across a couple new bags. The bags I found looked as though they were meant for gifts as they came with a little tag on saying “To” and “From”, but that’s not going to stop me gifting them to myself instead! What really stood out to me was this gorgeous tote bag that gave me major 90’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air vibes. Not only are the colours amazing and bold, but the message is super cute too.



“Be Excellent To Each Other” is actually a quote from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, as I found out whilst in Nando’s and the waiter came over to ask me about my bag, excited at the thought I might know about one of his favourite movies, till I dashed his hopes and just said I got it from Lush. Sorry Nando’s guy, I swear I’ll watch the movie soon! With a quote like this, it has to be a good movie right?!



I feel like with the worlds recent political state, this bag is needed now more than ever and we all need to remember to be excellent each other no matter what may be happening. Kindness is key, and really pays off! Being kind to someone really could make their whole day so much better, and may inspire them to be kind to others too. So, Be Excellent to Each Other!


What I love about this bag is how well made it is. Just like my classic “Fighting Animal Testing” tote bag from Lush, this bag feels super sturdy and thick. My Fighting Animal Testing bag has never let me down and shows no sign of wear no matter how much I pack into it. They’re really great bags for all your needs!


This bag is still stocked in selected stores across England, or you can go for the classic Fighting Animal Testing bag available online too, to spread an equally strong message!


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