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RCMA No Colour Powder First Impressions

February 20, 2017

RCMA No Color Loose Powder – $12/£10

Vegan? Yes

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I’ve been using my KIKO Milano Translucent Loose powder for around a year now and recently I’ve realised it just doesn’t cut it. It gives me god damn awful flash back and it’s super difficult to pack onto my face and bake with. After hearing a lot of good stuff about RCMA’s No Colour Powder, I decided to give it a try over Laura Mercier’s translucent powder that is also highly raved about but more expensive.


I ordered the RCMA No Colour powder from Beautylish as I couldn’t find anywhere else that stocks it and ships to England that was both reasonably priced as well as trustworthy. The ordering process was pretty simple and what’s great about Beautylish is that they include all the customs fees on checkout so you don’t get any surprise bills in your post box instead of your beloved order.


On arrival, it was really nicely packaged with some corresponding paper with the powder printed all over it, along with a little postcard shown above that had a few details about the powder printed on the back. It took around a week and a half to arrive which wasn’t too bad considering it came all the way from America and there was also a couple extra days delay due to them being busy recently. I assume this could be related to the J* holiday makeup sale.


Size-wise, the RCMA powder has been praised many times before on how big the bottle is. So, how much do you really get compared to other powders? Let’s start with the ever-so-famous Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. Online at FeelUnique, it’s said it contains 29g of product. Converted into ounces, this becomes just a little over 1oz of product. This means the RCMA powder comes with 3 times the amount of product weighing in at 3oz! Another popular setting powder is COTY Airspun Translucent powder, which weighs in at 2.3oz. Whilst this is more than Laura Mercier, it’s still less than RCMA. What’s even better is that the RCMA is roughly the cheapest out of all these powders so you’re definitely getting a lot more for your money too!


Despite this product looking absolutely amazing on first impressions, I do still have a concern about the ease of use. The lid is a small shaker with holes in, but where am I meant to tap all this product? It would be better if it came with a little dish or something that it can be poured into when needed, however for now, it’s pretty easy to screw the lid off and dispense the product into the closed lid instead, it can just be a little tedious to get it back in. I don’t see this as a huge problem though as it’s still pretty simple to use and is a great product anyway.


The best thing about this product for me is that it doesn’t feel drying. I have only used this product twice, but when baking with it, I’ve found it doesn’t leave my undereyes dry and flakey like my KIKO Milano loose powder does. It also claims it doesn’t cause flashback and it definitely lives up to these claims, again, unlike my KIKO Milano powder which has some serious flash back going on. If you’ve never heard of flash back, it basically refers to when flash is used to take a picture and you can see white patches on your skin from where you have applied powder. Trust me, it doesn’t look cute! I found that  this also packs on really well and as theres no colour to it whatsoever, it is supposedly great for all skin tones!

Have you ever tried the RCMA No Colour Powder? What were your thoughts? If you don’t use it, what do you use instead? I’d love to know in the comments down below!

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