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My Current Haircare Routine

February 15, 2017

Vegan? Yes, everything in this post is vegan!

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As mentioned in my January Slays and Nays, this year I want to get my hair into good condition. My hair used to be so thick and long and so naturally curly, but over the past few years it seems to have been getting thinner and thinner and is now pretty much naturally straight, which I’ve put down to the fact I use way too much heat on my hair. Therefore, I’ve recently stopped using so much heat on my hair, and I’ve switched up my haircare routine too, so keep reading to find out what I use!

Faith in Nature Shampoo and Conditioner – £5.99 or on offer in TK Maxx


One of my biggest struggles becoming cruelty free was finding a good shampoo and conditioner. Everyone’s recommendations are always Paul Mitchel or Superdrugs own, Paul Mitchell being pretty pricey, and Superdrug’s own just didn’t work for me. Then I came across this in TK Maxx which i’ve briefly heard about before and decided to give it a go. Since using it, my hair feels so much more moisturised and it has such a lovely smell to it too! The only downside is that it contains sulfates which are meant to be bad for your hair, so I’m trying to use this up till I find a sulfate free alternative!

Argan Oil


In between washes, I tend to use argan oil and coconut oil. I use argan oil as soon as I get out the shower and use about two pumps and massage it into the ends of my hair. It is important to avoid the roots as it can make them greasy which may lead to washing your hair more which can be bad for it! The argan oil I use is from Avon which isn’t cruelty free and I’m only using it up till it’s finished to then find a cruelty free alternative, however there are tonnes of alternatives around now it shouldn’t be too hard to find! I also like to use this in my hair to smooth it down when it’s dry, in particular when curling it.

Coconut Oil – £2.49


When getting out the shower, I also make sure to use a wide toothed comb to unknot my hair instead of my regular hairbrush. This is because the hair is much more fragile when you get out the shower and using a regular hairbrush can cause more damage and pull at your hair more, whereas a wide toothed comb gently combs your hair. I also like to start combing the knots out from the bottom third of my hair, holding the top of my hair so it’s not pulling my head, and then working my way up to my scalp combing through the rest.

I use coconut oil about once a week on dry hair. I apply it before I go to bed and make sure to concentrate it on my scalp too so I don’t get a dry scalp, and then I wrap a towel around it or put my hair in a shower cap. This helps to keep everything contained and makes sure your hair absorbs as much oil as possible. Then when I wake up in the morning, I use shampoo to wash it out and don’t use conditioner. I feel like this is what has helped my hair most and is the technique I’ve been using the longest too and my hairdresser has really noticed a difference in my hair too. I currently use this from Superdrug as it’s pretty cheap but plan on buying pure coconut oil next!

Superdrug Protecting Heat Styling Spray – £2.99


Finally, heat protecting spray. This is essential whether you’re adding heat to your hair or not. I use it when blow drying my hair or using straighteners/curlers on it and spray it all over my hair and leave for a minute to sink it. I also use it when the weather is due to be warm to further protect my hair from any sun damage. I never used to use heat protectant as I didn’t believe they worked and my hair would have so many split ends, but not anymore! I use this from Superdrug as it’s the only cruelty free one I have found so far, but I’m on the look out for more!

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