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A Vegan Tesco Order

February 13, 2017

Living at uni is hard when all you have is a tiny sainsburys and tesco express nearby and nothing else, and it’s even harder when you’re transitioning to be vegan and don’t just want vegetables everyday for every meal. That’s why I decided to do a little online order with Tesco who have no minimum order value, unless you order under £40 which you pay an extra £4 fee for, so you can order as much or as little as you want!


First off, here’s a few little items from my fridge. This isn’t everything and there are a few little bits like oatly and fruit etc that I haven’t included in this post as they’re something I class as part of a basic shop which most people have in their kitchen anyway.


A common misconception is that vegans are lacking in nutrients from not eating meat and fish. This includes omega-3 as the main known source of omega-3 is fish. However, there are many plant-based alternatives which provide just as much nutrition as fish, and they’re also more than likely a better source of it too. This includes chia seeds, hemp seeds and walnuts. Another source is flaxseeds which are shown above. Not only do these include flaxseeds but they also include walnuts to pack in even more omega 3 from different sources. I like to add this into my porridge every morning or into smoothies or yoghurts. It’s pretty much tasteless and supposedly, one spoon a day is enough to make sure you’re getting enough omega-3!


Next up is Tesco’s own brand of Free From Cream Cheese spread. I’m excited to try this as most of the time, I buy Scheese which is pretty expensive and only lasts two days so it’s never worth the price, so hopefully this matches up to it. The brand Scheese make a really convincing alternative to Philadelphia so I’m hoping this is the same and will update when I know more! I’m going on a trip to Berlin this weekend as I’m typing this so I don’t want to open it and have it out of date when I come back! This would be great for transitioning vegans as one of the main things that stops people is cheese!


Ah, houmous. The ever-so-popular vegan food. So simple, but so good. What makes this even better is the added red pepper, it adds a bit more flavour to it as tastes so good in a sandwich or on ryvita or rice crackers with some sliced cucumber. Also, it’s often on offer so I bought two!


The next item on my list was yoghurts. I usually go for Alpro Soy yoghurts but again, these are usually expensive in my local sainsburys and the flavour variety is minimal so I wanted to mix it up and try some new flavours. I’ve already eaten 3/4 of the mango ones as you can slightly see in the right hand side of the picture! Personally, I enjoy these more than the Alpro ones. The texture is much better as I find the Alpro ones can be a bit watery and need mixing before consuming which can be off putting for some people.


Next up, a few products from my cupboard!


One thing I really miss is Tikka Masala. It often contains milk and if you buy ready-made Tikka, it often comes with chicken inside which is a no from me! Then I found this which looks amazing, and will go perfectly with the vegan Quorn I’ve shown further down in this post. I look forward to trying it and will update you further when I finally get to try it!


Agave nectar is something I’ve used even before becoming vegetarian 2 years ago. It’s a healthier alternative to sugar and it tastes amazing on my porridge in the morning with some frozen fruit thrown in their too. It’s hard to believe it’s actually meant to be pretty healthy! This is also a great alternative to honey for those who are struggling to ditch it in their journey to become vegan.


I also bought dried fruit including these “Craisins” which are basically dried cranberries, alongisde dried mango shown above. I love dried fruit as a quick sweet snack that also pack in a lot of nutrients. The flavour makes them a great alternative to sweets, which often contain gelatine, carmine and beeswax, all of which aren’t safe for vegans.


Almonds compliment the dried fruit really well and buying them all in bulk lets you make your own little trail mix, which is often much cheaper than buying them premade, and of course it lets you personalise them. Almonds are great for snacking and also great for your skin as they’re high in Vitamin E, which can be found in a lot of skin creams these days!


Now for the exciting part, Quorn’s latest vegan range! Quorn have recently been releasing more and more vegan products, realising that veganism is a growing trend and they’d be silly not to cater for us too. The Quorn meat-free pieces came out late last year and are a great alternative to chicken. I personally prefer them to the non vegan pieces Quorn sell which don’t tend to hold their shape as well, whereas these are a much more convincing alternative to chicken and go great in curries, stir fries, burritos and anything else you can think of!

The Fishless fingers are a newer addition to the vegan range, being released in the last few weeks. I’ve seen mixed reviews on these but to me, they are a really convincing alternative to fish fingers and taste amazing! The texture is slightly similar to fish and you can tell they’ve tried to get that flakey texture to them. My only problem with them is how big they are, as they are pretty small and I need about 4 per meal. When there’s 10 in a box too, it means I’ll have two left over or I’ll have to have 5 per meal and they’ll only last 2 meals! I really hope Quorn plan to make them bigger soon so I only need to have two like I did when I was 10 and was so in love with fish fingers.

Have you tried the new Quorn range? What do you think of it? Leave a comment down below or let me know what your favourite vegan purchases are!

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