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January Slays and Nays

February 10, 2017

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LUSH Skin Drink – £13.95 (V)


Finding a good moisturiser has been the hardest thing for me since going cruelty free, it seems almost drugstore brand is tested on animals other than Superdrugs own brand, and I never really got on with it. Whilst I think superdrugs moisturisers would be great for someone with normal skin, it does not work for my dry skin.

Recently, I got a gift voucher for Lush and thought I’d try something new as I always do when I get a gift voucher. I looked at the moisturisers which I’d previously passed off as expensive and thought they came in tiny tubes after looking at the tester bottles, however when I looked again, I found some were actually pretty affordable and came in the little tubs that the face masks come in rather than a bottle with a pump lid.

Whilst trying them out, the name “Skin Drink” stood out to me most and with a name like that, it’s gotta be the most moisturising one right? Oh it definitely was, within the first week of using it I noticed a difference in my skin. Before using it, my skin was getting even more dry and I was getting spots, and had acne scars around my chin where previous spots had been. I’ve been using this for around a month now and my skin is so beautiful oh my word. It’s made it so smooth and soft and hydrated and I also don’t notice any red marks from where my previous spots have been. All my spots have cleared up and I haven’t had any new ones appear, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It’s even made baking possible again without having flakey dry under eyes!!

Morphe 35B Palette – £23.50


For my next favourite, I’ve chosen the Morphe 35B palette. I know Morphe have had mixed reviews with their palette but I’ve wanted this for so long due to the huge colour range. When it arrived, I was not disappointed. Every shade is so pigmented and blendable, and I’ve used it just about every day since I bought it. With 35 different colours, there are so many looks that can be created with this palette, and it includes both matte and shimmer shades. My favourites are the oranges, reds and yellows which are all so beautiful. A similar dupe is the NYX Ultimate Brights palette which includes 16 colours and is mentioned in one of my previous posts here. The pigmentation is very similar, however this obviously provides a larger spectrum of colours.

Another great thing about this palette is the price, at £23.50, it’s an absolute steal and is going to last you a long time with all these colours! I will say though, it took me a while to get it as it is often out of stock, but you can enter your email address on cult beauty and they’ll notify you when it’s back in stock which is exactly what I did!

Babyliss Tight Curls Wand – £24.99


Since December, I’ve been in dire need of a haircut but either me or my hairdresser haven’t had the time. My hair has gotten to an awkward length and was just flat and lifeless. Writing this post, I have now had it cut again, PRAISE THE LORD, but all through January I just haven’t been a fan of it. That is, unless I use these curling tongues. These give such tight curls like when my mum had a perm in the 80’s, and I’ve had soooo many compliments on my hair it’s unreal.


You can also change the temperature on them so you don’t fry your hair, and you can control how tight the curls are by changing the heat – higher heat will mean tighter curls. They also come with a glove so you don’t burn your hand! My curls will last right until I next wash my hair which will be about two days later too!



One of my favourite shows of January is Lucifer. I debated whether I could include it as there’s only been three episodes but it’s three episodes of pure addiction for me. I really recommend watching it if you haven’t already and catch up on everything before it comes back in May (the season just ended and I’m a little lost and heartbroken). It’s about the devil taking his place on earth and navigating through life on earth as he becomes a detective solving murder cases, super interesting and available through Amazon Prime video!

Burts Bees Lip Balm – £3.69


Over winter, my skin has been getting so dry, from my hands and face, to my lips, everything has needed that extra bit of moisture. I was in Boots one day looking for a lip balm and the only cruelty free one I could find was Burts Bees so I thought I’d give it a try. I went for the ultra conditioning lip balm as opposed to the flavoured ones as I worried the flavoured ones would be a little more gimmicky and not work as well. After all this decision making, I’m so happy I picked this up! My lips have never felt better and I can really notice how moisturising it is as soon as I put it on! The only downfall is that it does contain honey so I’ll be looking for an alternative soon that doesn’t contain animal products at all!

Argan Oil


January for me, has been the month of better hair and skincare. Hair care wise, argan oil has been my saviour. I used to use it all the time and for some reason, I just stopped. I found it recently tucked away in a box of old cosmetics I don’t use and decided to give it a whirl again and it’s been a god send! It makes my hair so smooth and is excellent when used with the tight curling wand too. The bottle I have was bought pre-cruelty free and I’m trying to use it all up as it’s from Avon who aren’t cruelty free, however there are so many alternatives out there now and I’m sure any will work fine!


B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser – £6.99


I only have one dislike for this month and that’s the B. Melting Gel Cleanser. I bought this as an alternative when I couldn’t find cleansing lotion and toner, and thought it could be similar to the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, but unfortunately it wasn’t.


The consistency of this product is a thick gel and the idea is that it’s meant to melt down as you massage it onto your face and help remove your makeup. However, for me it just didn’t melt down enough and was really tough to move around and pulls at my skin a lot. When removing the product, it starts to transform into a milky residue as it properly melts down but I always found this would blur my vision as it would get in my lashes and eyes. Overall, it was difficult to use and just not worth buying.

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