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How I Style Embroidery

January 25, 2017

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Lately I have been loving embroidery. I don’t know what it is about it that I love so much, I just think it looks so pretty and adds a bit more depth to what would otherwise be a pretty plain piece. In this post, I have 3 different looks for you using all different embroidered pieces.

Look One – The Embroidered Shirt


For this first look, I paired the shirt with an orange tee that matches the flowers on the shirt. I picked this up in the topshop sale when I found the embroidered shirt and thought they complimented each other pretty well. I think the orange makes a nice bold statement with the muted blue in the shirt and the black on my bottom half.



I paired the shirt with plain black leggings and black boots, both of which add to the comfort of the top half and create a super comfy look all together, whilst still looking super cute. I chose black to keep the attention on the top half.


The shirt itself says its oversized anyway but I like my stuff really oversized so I went two sizes up from my usual size (making the shirt a size 10) and I love it! It feels so casual and relaxed but still feels super cute and the boots definitely help dress it up.





  • Embroidered Shirt – Topshop (somehow not online anymore but bought a week ago so should be in store still! Another option is to buy one like this and iron on your own patches which are usually pretty cheap from amazon, or this is SUPER SIMILAR)
  • Orange Tee – Topshop Sale (Similar)
  • Boots – Topshop Sale (Similar listed on this post)



Look Two – The Embroidered Jeans

This was my first ever embroidered purchase and where my love began. I wanted a pair of mom jeans for ages but found the sizes never suited me, but I found these and thought I’d give them a go due to the super pretty pattern. Before I bought these, I only ever wore black jeans or leggings too, so I thought this would be a good way to ease myself into more colour on my legs!


What I love about these jeans is the comfort of them due to them being super baggy. I do sometimes think they may look unflattering on me due to how baggy they are but when I feel like that, I add a belt around the waist to pull them in a bit more and make them look a little more fitted. I always tuck tops into them too to add to this.



I team these with my, now very dirty and worn, floral vans. I have had to stop wearing them as they are so worn and they were unfortunately limited edition but they’ll go just as well with any other black pair too!


  • Jumper – H&M (similar)
  • Belt – Primark
  • Jeans – Topshop (similar)
  • Vans Trainers – Office (similar)


Look Three – The Embroidered Skirt

This one may be my favourite look out of all the looks shown above, although I do love them all. This one is the more formal option of the looks shown here and the boots definitely add to that, although these can be swapped out for some cute flats too so be made more casual which is what I do!



I pair this with my pink striped jumper from Primark which I again, got two sizes up for a baggy fit. I feel that jumpers with a baggy fit tucked into something always look super cute and pull the waist in more and give the illusion of it looking smaller.



The skirt itself is kind of short but it makes my legs feel super long which I loooove, as when I’m 5’3″, I don’t have much going for me in terms of height! The boots definitely help here too, and a black boot makes my legs look even longer.






Do you have any embroidered items? How do you style them? I’d love to see!

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