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January 20, 2017

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Am I Vegan?

I feel that these days, vegan has many meanings and many people trying to tell others what it is and isn’t. I am not one of those people and I say do whatever you want! Whilst I eat vegan food, I don’t label myself vegan for different reasons.

The first reason I don’t label myself vegan is because of my makeup. A lot of the makeup I own was bought whilst I was only vegetarian and I’m not going to throw it away and be wasteful, but with this in mind, this also means some of it isn’t vegan. For this reason, I do write on every blog post whether or not a product is vegan and will use (V) next to products in a list too to show this. All products I use are vegetarian and cruelty free, but some may contain ingredients such as beeswax or carmine. I also feel it’s a lot harder to find out whether a product is vegan or not, therefore I don’t want to say I’m only going to buy vegan products then trip up and buy something non vegan by mistake.

The second reason is my clothes. More specifically, my shoes. I am a huuuuge lover of shoes and have so many I’ve lost count. I’ve only bought one pair since going vegan, and whilst vegetarian I didn’t even realise suede was an animal product. When I found out it comes from a cow my mind was blown as I thought only leather came from them. Therefore, I have many pairs of trainers and boots which are made with suede or may have an element of leather in them. I also don’t check for animal glue as I feel this is too much for me and I’m not quite there yet in going to huge lengths to find out this information. I do tend to list alternatives in my blog posts when I do mention shoes that I know contain animal products.

I also don’t label myself as vegan in case I trip up. As mentioned already, I’m worried about tripping up and being ridiculed for doing so. I feel as though everyone is on their own journey with veganism and it’s okay for them to take things at their own pace and trip up sometimes, because at least they are trying. But there are some other people who aren’t so understanding therefore, I like to just say that I’m vegetarian as I’m still navigating my way through ingredient lists and trying to find more than 3 meals that are easy to make on a student budget! I am also dealing with some other personal issues so don’t want to put the pressure on it just yet.

Why am I interested in veganism?

People become vegan for many reasons, from health reasons to ethical reasons. For me, I started off being vegetarian for ethical reasons as I couldn’t justify all the pain animals go through for me taste buds. There are plenty more options out there that don’t require cruelty and I learnt that we don’t need meat to survive, so I made the switch. Since then, I’ve learnt a lot and found that even dairy and eggs cause unnecessary cruelty to animals so I have started to cut down my intake of this as much as possible.

Since becoming vegetarian 2 years ago, I’ve learnt so much about the health benefits and the environmental benefits too, which have made me want to try even harder with becoming vegan. It also made me want to educate others and myself more, I’ve made a photo-based project around veganism and the environment whilst at university, and I’ve educated myself more so I am prepared for peoples silly questions about my diet.

Dear Vegans,

If there are any vegans reading this, I respect that so much and hope to one day be confident enough to give myself that label, but at the moment I’m still making my way there. But in the meantime, I want to be more conscious of what I use and I find it easier to do this by labelling on my website what is vegan and vegan alternatives. Feel free to use the vegan section of my blog for posts that contain nothing but vegan items!

Have a lovely day!

  1. Honestly at the end of the day it’s just a label. It doesn’t take time to give up food that’s from animals but it can take a hot minute to replace/use up other stuff so I wouldn’t worry too much! I think going as slow or fast as you can is still amazing and you’re doing a great load for the animals and the environment X

    1. I agree about it being just a label and I still want to try as hard as I can, I just don’t wanna mislead anyone if I ever do trip up or use products I had before I was vegan that aren’t sfv! Thank you for such a lovely comment 🙂 x

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