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Styling Lazy Oaf x 101 Dalmations Jumper

January 18, 2017

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Price: £80 from Dolls Kill, was also stocked on ASOS

At the end of last year, Lazy Oaf dropped their Lazy Oaf x Disney collection. Although I wanted everything, it was pretty expensive and difficult to get my hands on too. I eyed up this jumper for a while as it looked pretty simple and like something I’d wear more often compared to some of the other garments. When it arrived I realised it was one size fits all and was slightly worried about it being too big but oh my, I love it so much. It’s the perfect fit as I love baggy jumpers but find they often drown me but this is the perfect length and perfect width! It also comes with a high neck which I love even more, I’m a sucker for them!

I have two ways of styling this jumper, one being more “formal” than the other. When I say formal, I use that term very lightly, it just means it feels a bit more dressy and I often wear it when going on casual dates with my boyfriend or on shopping trips. I also wore it to the Clothes Show live, it gives me so much comfort but still feels fashionable.

The “Formal” Look

Cheap Monday Black Jeans

Topshop Embroidered Boots

NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Run the World to add a touch of colour

For this look, I go for all black which is timeless and I love a bit of all black. To add a bit of colour, I team it with my Topshop Embroidered Boots, which are currently sold out but Topshop have many other similar designs at the moment, as do many other brands. I like to turn my skinny black jeans up to show a bit of my ankle, not too sure why I just seem to prefer it. I often team it with black leggings too as the jumper covers my butt that I’m always conscious of when wearing leggings!!


Close Up detail People keep asking me what it says on the heart, you have no idea how many times I’ve had to explain that it says Lazy for Lazy Oaf and no it doesn’t say Lady for Cruella DeVille or Lady and the Tramp. AND YES THOSE ARE 101 DALMATIONS.


Here you can see how baggy it is too!

To go with the whole “dressed up” feel, I team this with my longline faux fur lined coat from New Look. I got this on sale in the petites section and it feels like it makes any outfit more dressy, I am in love with it!


The Casual Look

Cheap Monday Blue Jeans

Nike SB Janoskis

Next up is my more casual outfit. I wear this when out and about running errands and attending uni or going to the library, or even just lounging about the house. It’s super comfy and keeps me nice and warm too!

This time I pair it with my blue skinny Cheap Monday jeans and turn them up once at the bottom. I feel the blue adds a pop of colour and also makes it look more casual. To add to this, I also wear my Nike SB with them which are my go to trainer and super comfortable.


As you can see here, the jumper actually has splits either side so I like to put a long black and white striped tee underneath which will peep through slightly. Of course I’m never gonna pull my jumper around like I am in the images below but it shows you how the fabric works with the slits in them.


Finally, I pair this with a black denim jacket which again, makes it super casual and makes it feel pretty cool too haha. I usually go for my denim jacket when its slightly warmer weather however, it still keeps me pretty warm anyway!


Do you own anything from the Lazy Oaf x Disney collection? How do you style it? Let me know and show me pictures as I’m in love with the collection!

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