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NYX Vivid Bright Liners

January 16, 2017

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Nyx Vivid Brights – Halo and Blossom – £5.50 from Boots.

Vegan? Online, the ingredients state “may contain carmine”, will email NYX and ask if this is specific colours only.

After saying that this year, I will be more daring with my makeup, NYX has really pulled through for me. I got the bright shadows in one of my recent posts, I bought a purple lipstick which I’m sure I’ll be showing soon, and now I have their Vivid Bright Liners. Not only are NYX great when it comes to being unique, they are also so reasonably priced. Each liner is £5.50 each in Boots which isn’t bad at all!

I got the liners in the shade halo and blossom. My main problem with them is how to use them and what to pair them with as a black wing is usually pretty safe and goes with everything, but of course purple and yellow may not go so well with other looks. However, I’m still going to try push myself and have started off pretty simple with my first look which you’ll see at the end of this post to help you get started with them too!


The applicator of the liners are actually quite thick compared to what I’m used to. It doesn’t seem to taper much at the end, it’s pretty much the same thickness all the way through which can make application a bit tricky, so I had to use very light pressure towards the sharp outer edges of my wing. The brush does also spread out a little bit too when pressed onto the skin which again makes precise application difficult. For this reason, I think in future I will use a separate eyeliner brush to get more precise application, however I can’t fault the colours as I’ve never seen these anywhere else and the pigment is pretty solid, as swatched below.


Although I love the colours, I do also find the formula a little off. I found that with my look below, towards the end of the day the liner started to crack and look less neat and when I tried to tidy it up with more liner it became really thick. This could be a problem with the applicator as it does carry a lot of product on it, but I’ve also found their white eyeliner also does the same.

The Look


All complaints aside, I still really love the liner anyway, I just hope NYX perfect them a little more in future. I got so many compliments on my eyes today which makes them even better of course.


For the shadow, I just used Kat Von D Bold Pigment in Doce all over my lid and blended it outwards and on my lower lash line. I built this up more on my lid then used the Halo liner to create a wing over the top of this. I feel as though the yellow compliments the orange really well. The shadow is also quite shimmery so it works well to have a matte eyeliner alongside it.

I also used Better than Sex mascara with this look, and even false eyelashes which I never use. I put on false eyelashes as the yellow eyeliner went onto my eyelashes too and proved difficult to cover up without getting mascara on my eyelid as it was really close to the root, therefore the falsies helped cover this up. I used the Ardelle Demi Wispies as I’ve heard a lot about them and I love that they look pretty natural.


I would love to see what you guys come up with using these liners as I feel theres so many possibilities with them! I’m feeling maybe a matte orange/peachy lid with the lilac colour, and maybe using yellow and orange shadow with the yellow one next time!


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