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My Collection of Boots and Topshop Hack

January 11, 2017

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Over the past few years, I’ve worn nothing but flats; mainly trainers. I rarely ever wear boots which is usually because I find it difficult to find a pair that I like or find that they’re uncomfortable. However, since the end of last year I seem to have started to build up a little collection so maybe they’re not all as bad as I thought. As well as the boots over in this post, see the rest of my collection below.

Topshop BELLA Heeled Boot (Bought on sale £20, various sizes still available)


These are my most recent purchase. After buying the floral boots in the linked post, I found that they were super comfortable. They weren’t too high which made them really easy to walk in and they’ve never caused me any discomfort so I wanted some more that would be more for every day use and that I can wear when it’s raining without worrying about getting my boots a little dirty or ruining them.

These are perfect for everyday wear yet still look elegant and super pretty with the gold heels. It’s all about the detail! I highly recommend these for adding a touch of height and making an outfit a little smarter without over doing it. That being said, these can even make an outfit look super smart, I’ve already worn them for an evening out with friends when I dressed up! Also, FAKE LEATHER YES!!

Topshop Hack!

They are currently on sale and there aren’t many sizes left online but something you can do, which I always do if my size isn’t online, is choose your size anyway and click the little “find in store” button below the add to bag button. This will show you if any stores near you have them in your size instead!

ASOS Suedette Boots with Gold Heel


Possibly my favourite boots in this collection, these were bought for me for Christmas by my lovely boyfriend. This means I can’t link them or tell you the price however, I can say they’re from the New Look collection from ASOS, so if you can’t find them on ASOS try New Look!


These are very similar to the boots above but have a slightly higher heel and feel more dressy. These are perfect for when you want to dress up more as they’re super elegant and have such beautiful detailing. The gold zip on the side is actually just for detail and theres a black zip on the inner side thats hidden due to it’s colour. The gold zip paired with the beautiful gold heel work so well and look so pretty. Can you tell I love gold heels at the moment? I’m not sure what it is but I especially love the heel on this as its a slightly different shape and gets wider towards the bottom. Again, it’s all about the little details!

Office Chunky Heel Ankle Boots


Bought pre-vegan, these are leather and were bought in the sale, and completely forgotten about till now! I ended up having really bad problems with my ankles and joints not long after I bought these so they got put in a box and I forgot I even had them till I found a picture of them on my instagram last week. Despite being leather, there are so many different options now and I’m sure these can be found in fake leather somewhere, whether it be from Primark or New look to Schuh or maybe even Debenhams, I reccomend having a look round.


I have found similar ones here, here, here and here.

Primark Lace Up Chunky Boots


These were bought so so so long ago and also another pair I completely forgot I owned and have never worn due to ankle problems. These are more of a canvas detail and a lot more casual than the previous boots shown due to the laces too. These are great for every day use and there’s so much out there like this and it’s so easy to find non-vegan pairs that I was spoilt for choice for what to choose to link here. I look on Boohoo, ASOS, New Look and Office and found similar versions on all of these so have a look around!


Vegabond do a similar pair which are said to be super comfy here and here. Here is a cheaper and slightly more dressy option with slightly different heels.

What are your favourites? Will you be buying any? If so, I also highly recommend Deichmans to those on a budget, they have such a wide selection and are pretty good quality and often vegan!

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