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What’s in my Cruelty Free Bathroom?

October 19, 2016

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All products Vegan!

Hey, I’m back again! Blogging is pretty hard recently as I’m in my third year at university now and have a dissertation and FMP to complete, but I’m trying to take time out for myself too. So without further ado, here’s a quick post about what products I currently have in my bathroom! I feel like I don’t often see many posts about things like this but I’d love to see more as I struggle to find basic things sometimes.


Superdrug Tea Tree Skincare: Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash

I have been in need of a new face wash for a while now since my body shop tea tree one ran out, but I’ve been wanting to try something different. The body shop one is great and lasts ages but it’s all I’ve used for years now so I thought it was time to give a different product a chance. I picked this up in superdrug as I still wanted a tea tree based formula as tea tree helps prevent spots and break outs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a pure tea tree based face wash, only Pink Grapefruit or Lemon mixed in with it so I went for this just for the scent. I had a quick look into this face wash and honestly, I don’t think the pink grapefruit doesn’t much other than provide a nice scent, but the face wash itself is still great at tackling spots and also doesn’t feel drying which is even better! It’s also amazing at removing makeup I couldn’t be bothered to take off the night before (terrible beauty blogger I know)

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I looooooove this lip scrub! This is great to use a couple times a week before I wash my face and brush my teeth. I scrub a little bit on my lips and it removes all the dead skin and leaves them looking and feeling so smooth. I follow on with some lip balm and it creates a great base for when I finally go in with some matte lipstick. It has such a nice flavour too, and it’s edible as it’s pretty much just sugar and flavouring!

Lush Reindeer Rock Soap

I actually got this last year for christmas and I’ve hardly even made a dent in it, but it works so well! It’s long lasting and smells so nice, I believe it’s scented like the comforter soap sold at Lush. It has glitter running through it but this doesn’t get stuck to your skin at all, and it has a cute little silver reindeer engraved in it which remains engraved throughout it’s use. I’m pretty sure this should be back in stock soon so keep your eyes peeled!


Superdrug 12hr Clear Breath Mouth Rinse

I bought this mouthwash as I had been using Superdrugs own mouthwash (which can be seen here) but I was worried it wasn’t actually doing much, so I went for this as it sounded like it would do a bit more for my teeth and it was also on offer at the time. After using it, it actually leaves my mouth feeling a little strange and almost dry? I don’t think I’ll be using this again as it doesn’t have a particularly fresh minty scent, and doesn’t leave my mouth feeling fresh, but it still does the job.


The Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been having so much trouble with my hair lately and trying to achieve more thickness and volume so decided to give this a try and move away from Superdrug’s own brand as I felt like they weren’t doing much. Unfortunately, I’m not impressed with this collection. The shampoo works pretty fine, although I feel like I need to use more than I’m used to, to cover my whole head, but the conditioner was extremely disappointing. I found that it didn’t leave my hair feeling soft or moisturised at all, both when applying it and when getting out of the shower and drying my hair. Since using these products, my hair has started to get very greasy very quickly too.


Original Source Shower Gel

I absolutely love Original Source and you can often find them on offer for around £1 in places like Wilkinsons and Superdrug. I found this mango one in Wilkinsons for 98p and it smells amazing! The best thing about Original Source is that their shower gels are mostly vegan and they all come with the vegan certified logo on, so you know you’re getting something that hasn’t contributed to animal cruelty, and it’s also great value f0r money and a well known name!

Superdrug Shaving Gel for Dry Skin

I sometimes find when shaving my legs they start to feel a bit dry so I tried out Superdrug’s shaving gel for Dry Skin. This product is great and my legs haven’t felt dry since using it. It foams up well and is cruelty free and vegan!

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