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A New All Time Favourite

July 20, 2016

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It’s not often I buy dresses, not because I don’t like them or how I look in them, it’s just rare I find a dress I like. But when I do find one I like, it turns out it’s pretty gosh darn good. I present to you, the Asos Petite Premium Ladder and Lace Swing Dress with High Neck. 


Now it’s not often I would ever dream of spending this much on a dress, but when I saw how pretty it looked on Zoella I had to try it. Plus, 10% student discount makes it okay right? I think so. I feel like the price is also justified as it feels so well made. You can see a lot of attention to detail has been put into this, and I know I wouldn’t find such detail from a cheaper dress elsewhere. This really is worth the money and makes me feel like an angel I’m not gonna lie.

The dress has a high neck line which is great for me as when I do find a nice dress, it ends up being low cut and I hate low cut dresses because I just don’t have the cleavage to pull them off! This is perfect in that respect. At the back it comes with a small open back and a “ribbon” to tie it at the back which again, shows a lot of attention to detail was put into this dress. It adds that extra touch of pretty-ness to it. I also love the length, it’s pretty modest and combined with the high neck, it’s something I wouldn’t mind wearing infront of my grandparents!

I’m planning on wearing it to my boyfriends graduation, but it’s also beautifully suited to a holiday abroad, I can just imagine myself going out for a romantic evening meal in Greece in this dress! It’s also wonderfully suited to christenings, weddings and even just to wear on lovely warm days here in England!


Buy the dress here for £60, and let me know what you think and if you have any favourite dresses!

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