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Hair Transformation

June 12, 2016

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Ever since I was little, I’ve had long hair. I’ve recently toyed with the idea of getting it cut short for probably around a year now, but every time I look at pictures of me when I was younger with short hair, I thought maybe it’s not for me. Whenever I asked people what they thought, they said they loved my long hair. So I always talked myself out of it.

Not this time! I always always always have people telling me I look so young, like 14 years old young, 16 at most, so I thought getting my hair cut short may help me look older. I did get it cut a little shorter a few months ago to test the water, and decided I’ll just go for it and get even more cut off. I also feel like my hair is always so thin and flat, but getting it shorter means it’s not weighed down so much so it can look like it has more volume. Honestly, I’m so happy I did, everyone says it makes me look older which was the ultimate goal, and I also just wanted a change that didn’t involve dying my hair. My hair is so much easier to maintain now!

Before getting my hair cut, I researched it so much. I looked at so many hair styles online, watched YouTube videos (FabHan and Zoella both went from super long hair to short, both look so much better short!), looked at other bloggers’ hair (I loveeee leannelimwalker when it’s short, I’m so jealous of how thick it is!), I even looked into what hair suits what face shape. Cosmopolitan probably gave me the extra boost I needed, with their article on How to Know if short hair will suit you. They said to measure the distance between your chin and the bottom of your ear, using a pencil and a ruler. Check out the link to see more, or see the image below.


If the distance is less than 2.25 inches, then you’ll suit short hair apparently! So I measured, and my distance said I’d suit it, so after that I booked my hair appointment and here I am! If you’re wondering if to get your hair cut short, try out the 2.25 rule or just go for it anyway, it will always grow back. When I first got my hair cut to test the waters, it grew back so ridiculously quick that I thought, you know what? If I hate my hair, what does it matter? It’s still gonna grow back soon

Heres a couple pictures I found of my hair from when it was super long, at the time it didn’t feel that long at all!

Here it is before and after, side by side, 20 minutes before I had it done and 20 minutes after:

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

As you can see, the ends are a much cleaner cut. Not so visible is the fact my hair is now so much healthier! No more dead ends. You can also see it got rid of the dip dye effect I had going on, and theres not much blond on the ends now.

A few more photos, click images for higher quality…

I literally have no regrets at all. I sometimes think I miss my old hair, but I feel so much mature with short hair and it’s given me so much more confidence?! Plus, I hated how my hair looked in a ponytail but now it’s too short for one, I get to have it down when I go to work. Extra bonus.

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