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Embroidered/Appliqué Jeans, a new trend?

June 9, 2016

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One thing I am really loving lately is appliqué jeans. I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to them, I just think they’re super cute despite the fact I probably had a pair when I was about 10 with a Barbie logo sewn into my jeans and a handbag on them. I feel like they’re making a come back though, and it’s a trend I want to be a part of. I’ve seen them slowly cropping up in a number of stores lately, here are my favourites:

Jeans 1

Topshop // £58

These jeans almost have an oriental feel to them with the floral pattern. The floral pattern stretches around to the back pockets and looks super cute, and the whole distressed denim look makes these look even better.

Jeans 2

Topshop // £45

A little more subtle than the previous pair, with blue florals which blend in more with the jeans, these are a more safe option whilst still being pretty darn cute. The florals draw the eye more to the thighs and waist so if you’re conscious of this area, maybe these aren’t for you, but if you’re conscious more of your lower legs or torso, these could be great to take attention away from those areas.

Jeans 3

ASOS // Currently on sale // £28

If you’re a little scared to hop on this trend and want to test the waters first, and want something a little more subtle, these are a great choice, with just small detailing around the pockets which aren’t too out there. They just add a nice feminine touch and a touch of something a little different. Currently reduced from £35 to £28 too!

Jeans 4

ASOS // £39

These just might be my favourites. These are high rise, which I love. I always feel high rise are much more flattering on me. Plus, the pattern is gorgeous. I love the soft pastel colours and the hints of yellow, which give a summery vibe that will also be great for spring too. And they’re pretty cheap compared to the Topshop brands too.

Jeans 5

ASOS // £39

Again, a subtle look due to the pastel colours, but still really cute and great for summer. These look pretty baggy too, which we all know means maximum comfort! So not only will you look great, you’ll be so comfy too.

What do you guys think? Is it a new trend we should all be a part of or should it be left in the past? I personally love them, I’m just scared I’m not cool enough to pull them off..

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