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Hydrate-M8 Bottle

June 5, 2016
Hydrate M8 Water Bottle

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Something I’ve always struggled with is drinking enough. Wether that be water, juice or even fizzy pop, I just don’t drink very much. I saw a few vlogs/instagram posts featuring this bottle and had to buy it straight away. I’ve tried putting bottles of tap water in the fridge for me to grab throughout the day, I’ve tried bulk buying bottled water, I’ve tried using a bobble filter bottle, but none of them have kept me drinking all day long, whereas this bottle has.


I think what makes me drink more with this bottle is that I like seeing the targets I hit. On the outside of the bottle are a number of markings, stating times of the day. It helps you to keep track of when you should be drinking which is really helpful, and even though I don’t wake up at 8am every morning, it still gives me a rough indication of where I should be at. It’s also a pretty big bottle and only needs to be refilled once each day which is really handy, as I always have it by my side rather than waiting in the fridge or in my kitchen somewhere for me to remember it later on. With this bottle, I can’t forget it because it’s always by my side.

Drinking plenty of water is definitely the key to clear skin too. I’ve been using this almost around 2 months now, and my skin has never been so clear, it’s like some sort of miracle! I’ve always heard people say drinking enough water helps clear your skin but I’ve never been motivated enough to stick to it, but now all I drink is water and my skin is so thankful. I feel that drinking so much water each day makes me more thirsty too and makes me remember to drink more often, and it has also helped me adapt to the taste of water. I don’t crave my usual orange and mango cordial juice anymore, drinking water is perfectly fine, and much more handy to grab when I’m in a hurry!


In terms of practicality, this bottle may be a little big but it’s not too big that it’s difficult to carry round or fit in my bag. It is however, too big to fit in the little bottle holders at the gym! Although this is only a small downfall, and I often bring a separate bottle to the gym anyway as you’ll need more than your usual 2 litres of water a day if you’ve been working out as well. It’s never leaked since I’ve bought it, and it comes with a straw that you just pull out and drink from. It does mean theres a tiny bit left at the bottom of the bottle that the straw doesn’t reach, but it’s not a substantial amount. It also comes with a little ring holder, which I assume could be used to attach the bottle to things, like I don’t know, your bike or sports bag? I don’t know, more sporty people will probably make use of it better than me! I just find it easier to hold the bottle by the ring anyway!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend buying this bottle. They have a range of different bottles too, which can be seen on their website here. They have the one shown on my blog post in 5 other colours, they have kids bottles in pink or blue (although, kind of annoying how they’ve assumed pink is for girls, blue is for boys, it’s 2016, I thought we were past that!) and they also have water infuser bottles so you can even stick some fresh fruit in your water! The adult bottles and infuser bottles retail at £13.99 and the kids bottle £10.99.

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