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Trying New Brands, First Impressions.

May 29, 2016

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So somehow, the entire text got deleted in this post but the post didn’t? Thanks WordPress! So here I am with a rewritten first impressions to some new brands I’ve never tried before. I bought these products on my recent trip to London for my birthday and I was so spoilt for choice for makeup, but I managed to cut it down to these few products!


IMG_9099 full

First up, 3INA. Firstly, I just need to talk about how aesthetically pleasing their store is. You walk in and everything is colour co-ordinated and it is my actual heaven. Walking in was a dream and it makes navigating the store so much easier. One thing that caught my eye amidst the colour co-ordination was their chubby sticks. I swatched them on my hand and they glided on so smoothly, and I absolutely loved the colour of this one. After wearing it once or twice now, I can see myself wearing this a lot when in a rush. It’s so easy to apply and goes with pretty much any look you can think of. It’s a nice neutral pink and feels moisturising on the lips which is really nice.


(Look at this, just look at the colours)

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 16.01.14


I also bought this super nice black metallic nail varnish. The silver glitter within it is so flattering and transforms what would be a regular black polish, into a beautiful gun metal colour on the nails. What I also like about this is the top. It comes with a black square lid, which you can remove to reveal a rounded lip depending which you prefer. I prefer the squared lid for storage as it looks more pleasing, and the rounded lip for application. I’ve had this on a couple days now and it hasn’t chipped much so I’m expecting good things from their nail polishes!



Next up is TheBalm. I’m not going to lie, I only visited TheBalm counter as I’ve heard so much good stuff about the Mary-Lou Manizer so I decided to pick one up. Honestly, this highlighter has changed my life. I am glowing for the gods. This is a beautiful peachy highlight that will match almost any skin tone. It works well for me as it has a subtle pink undertone to it which works well with my pink toned skin, however there’s also flecks of gold to it which make it a much more luxurious highlighter. I am also really impressed with the mirror size which is amazing for travelling with to top up your makeup throughout the day!



I recently saw someone recommend Illamasqua’s eyebrow pomade as a dupe for ABH Dipbrow so I decided to go into their flagship store to try it out. The lovely sales assistant inside tried it on my eyebrow alongside the eyebrow cake (shown above) on the other eyebrow. I found the pomade was way too intense for my eyebrows whereas the eyebrow cake is much more buildable and can be mixed with their sealing gel to create the same look as the pomade if needed. This is also the perfect colour for my eyebrows! With mousy brown hair, I really struggle to find a product to match my eyebrows without it being too warm toned, however this literally is perfect. I bought it in the shade Motto which looks pretty grey but it matches my eyebrows so well and blends in perfectly. I only need a tiny amount for intense colour pay off too, so I’m super happy with this so far!



Okay so who knew Lush did actual makeup alongside their bath bombs and shower gels? I certainly didn’t! Until I visited the Oxford Street store that is. They had such a wide range of makeup, some that could be found in all Lush stores, and some exclusives to Oxford Street including these¬†Eye Jewels.¬†I bought this lovely copper shade and it is intensely pigmented


It is such a lovely golden orange and after one swipe, I get so much pigment from it. I do worry that as it’s a cream, it may crease so I will have to see how it wears, but on first impressions it’s a beautiful colour that I’m excited to play around with!

Kiko Milano


This is another brand I’ve heard things about but never purchased from as I’ve only ever seen them online and I’m always weary about buying makeup online. I usually use my eyeliner pen from GOSH but I completely forgot it when packing for London so on my visit to KIKO, I decided to look at their eyeliners. This one looked perfect, the brush is so precise and the handle is a good length making application easier. It comes out as a true black and dries semi-matte, just how I like it. I’ve used this a couple times now and I am in love, it lasts so long and is so easy to apply!

Have you tried any of these products or anything else from these brands? I’d love to know what your thoughts were!

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