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Motel One: Tower Hill

May 25, 2016

First of all, sorry for missing two days of blogging! I had a uni deadline on Monday (23rd) and went away to London on Friday (20th) for my birthday and stayed till Sunday, so I spent the whole of last week trying to get all my uni work done so I could enjoy a nice weekend away! However, that brings me nicely onto the subject of this blog post: Motel One! This is where I stayed for my weekend away, and it was such a lovely yet affordable hotel, I thought it deserved a place on my blog.

I spent so long searching for hotels in London, and most were either too small or too expensive, or they looked great online till I got to TripAdvisor, or they’d be so far away from Central London. I was so happy when I found Motel One, it looked really nice both online and on TripAdvisor, and I found that it had also been opened Christmas last year so it’s pretty new. For the whole weekend, for an ensuite double bedroom for me and my boyfriend, it came to a total of £230 which to me, is a pretty good deal for London. For the price, I wouldn’t expect much, but on arrival I was so pleased. It looked exactly like it did online, with a beautiful lounge area, delightful looking breakfasts, a lovely room and the bathrooms by the lounge even had projections of flowers in the sink and cute quotes on the walls.


The lounge itself feels very elegant, with beautiful sparkly light shades, a tv which displays the cosiest looking fireplace, and even a few stools that looked like tree trunks. It had such a cosy feel to it, whilst still looking so elegant. The chairs were also super nice, all following a blue colour scheme which even matched the free sweets on offer at reception. It’s difficult to describe how lovely it is, so take a look at some pictures instead:

Now, as lovely as the room was, I feel like I should firstly point out that they weren’t the biggest rooms ever. This being said, it’s not like I needed extra space, this was just the right amount for me and my boyfriend, especially as we didn’t spend much time in the hotel anyway. It included a small desk by the window, a TV set up with Freeview, two rails with 4 hangers each to hang clothes on, as well as a full length mirror and even a hairdryer so you can save on space in your suitcase. The ensuite featured a huge showering area, it didn’t have a door or shower curtain but really, it didn’t need one. It had a glass wall around half of it, then towards the bottom half it was open as no water could reach to that area anyway. It was quite a small bathroom, but again it doesn’t need to be much bigger. My only problem was the lighting, which seemed to have a strange green tint to it, so not the best for doing your makeup!

The view from the room was lovely too. I’d seen some people on TripAdvisor recommend certain rooms to get a view of the Gherkin, and although we didn’t get one of these rooms, we still had a decent view of it. We stayed on Floor 11, room 22, for anyone who’d like to know!

For breakfast, we actually ate out as it was £9 for the continental breakfast, and we thought our money could be spent better elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for convenience, I will say it looked pretty darn good! Although it didn’t look like you’d be finding the traditional egg and bacon in the mix. On the first day we actually ate at somewhere called the Polo Bar, which I’ll do a blog post on soon. There’s also a place called The Breakfast Club which I plan to try out next time I’m in London.


Oh yes, and they had free Wi-Fi!

Overall, I really recommend this place and know I’ll be coming again. It’s such good value for money and is such a nice, modern hotel, I felt like a high class lady staying here. Book here: http://www.motel-one.com/en/hotels/london/london-tower-hill/

Images from: Motel One.

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