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Superdrug Naturally Radiant Moisturiser

May 15, 2016

Vegan? Yes

Price? £5.99 each

After trying Superdrug’s Vitamin E moisturiser, I wasn’t too impressed, so I tried looking for another cheap cruelty free moisturiser. This is easier said than done, all the ones I found were pretty pricey and I hate forking out on things I don’t know much about, in case they’re not that good. So I tried another moisturiser from Superdrug, this one being the Naturally Radiant Range.

The Day Cream

Overall, it does the job. But I do still find this almost drying, just like the Vitamin E formula. It’s definitely better than the Vitamin E one but I won’t be purchasing it again. It doesn’t make my face feel that moisturised and it seems to absorb into my skin very quickly, and makes me feel like I need to apply it again as it feels like I haven’t moisturised it at all. This product is for normal to dry skin, which is what I consider my skin to be. So with this in mind, I don’t actually think it caters that well to this skin group. It does however, have SPF 15 in it which is great for my no makeup days and holiday abroad, when I want something to help protect my skin. The packaging does claim that the moisturiser is light weight, which may explain why it feels as though I’ve not moisturised at all.

As for it’s claims of brightening the skin and evening out skin tone, which are it’s main selling points, I don’t think it quite lives up to these. I do think it’s somewhat evened out my skin tone as it is often quite red and blotchy but it seems to have calmed down since using this product, however I don’t think it’s brightened my skin at all. Another good point to mention about this product is that it doesn’t leave white marks like the Vitamin E formula does, it rubs in the skin a lot better.


The Night Cream

This feels a lot more moisturising than the day cream, which should be expected from a night cream anyway. I feel that this probably brightens my skin more than the day time one, and makes my skin feel more nourished. I can definitely tell that I’ve moisturised when I’ve applied this and it makes my skin feel a lot smoother. I feel that so far, the Superdrug moisturisers I’ve tried seem to do well with the night creams, but the day creams fall short slightly. Let me know in the comments what you think about them, have you got any good moisturiser recommendations? If so, let me know!

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