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Cruelty Free Bathroom Essentials

May 11, 2016

Everything is vegan!

When I first switched to cruelty-free products, one thing I never really thought of was the things I had in my bathroom for every day use. I only ever really saw makeup as being tested on animals, and it wasn’t till I looked into it further, that I found even things such as mouthwash and toothpaste could be produced by companies who test on animals. I thought it would be a good idea to make this post for others who, like me, didn’t even realise what products could involve cruelty.

A lot of the products are from Superdrug as they’re amazing at labelling their products cruelty free and vegan and they even have the leaping bunny approval. They’re also pretty cheap but good quality! Read on for more..

Toothpaste – 97p (!!!!)


Honestly, I’m not sure there’s much I can say about toothpaste! It cleans my teeth and makes them fresh! Even before I went cruelty free, I always picked random toothpastes because I’m sure they all do the same thing, but what’s better about these is that they’re vegan, have the leaping bunny approval, and they’re super cheap. I even got buy one, get one free! I always get the whitening one which tastes really fresh and minty, and does make my teeth look white. Although I’m not sure if it particularly makes them whiter!

Mouthwash – £1.22


Similar to toothpaste, there’s not a lot to say but they’re cheap and I got buy one, get one free on these too! The green one I’m not too keen on as there’s no alcohol in it, which makes me assume it’s not going to be as good for my teeth, but the purple one really feels like it’s working. It gives my mouth that mouthwash burn, whereas the green just makes my breath smell nice! Plus, the purple is 6-in-1, so it’s gotta be good right?

Shampoo and Conditioner – £3.99 each (or 2 for £6 at the moment)


I’m currently using Superdrugs Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner. I’ve used their other hair products before but wasn’t a fan and didn’t feel as though they did much. I feel these work a little better, and worth the price at least. They make my hair feel more conditioned than their other products do, although I still feel as though it could be better. I use Superdrug’s own brand of Coconut Oil every so often to condition my hair more, which makes it feel super soft and is pretty cheap as far as coconut oil goes! It is only to be used for beauty though, please don’t cook your food in it!

Hand soap – Ranges from £3 to £5


I absolutely love Lush’s soap bars. They don’t foam up as much as regular hand wash which is a slight downside, but they smell so good and get the job done anyway. Plus they look super cute and help the environment by minimising the packaging! I recommend buying something for the soap to sit on though as it can make your sink a little messy if not. I use the little wooden block shown in the image, which I pinched from my Grandma as she wasn’t using it, so unfortunately I don’t know where it’s from! The soap is from Lush’s Christmas Collection and smells like the Comforter soap, it’s a dream! But I’m a fan of a lot of their soap bars, go in and have a smell of them all!

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