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Current Makeup Brush Collection

May 8, 2016

All Vegan!

My makeup brush collection is something I’ve been building up over time, and there’s still a few brushes I want to add to my collection, but I thought I’d share what I have so far! All the brushes I use are real techniques as they’re all cruelty free and vegan, no bunny hairs in these babies! They’re also really high quality and super soft, and are made to stand up on their own, or like the bold metals brushes, made to not roll off a table whilst you’re doing your makeup! Keep reading to find out about each individual one..

Foundation Brush

This was the first brush I bought from Real Techniques, roughly around 2 years ago and it’s still going strong. I bought this when I didn’t really know much about makeup and my mum used a similar brush from Body Shop for her foundation so I automatically used it too. It’s good for applying foundation but I don’t think it’s the best. I found the foundation would often sit on top of my skin rather than blending into it, so it wouldn’t last as long. This brings me on to my next purchase, but first, this brush does have a good point as I’ve recently discovered. It’s great for applying foundation around my lips when I’ve applied lipstick and want a sharp edge, and also great for the same reason by my eyeshadow when I want a clean cut line.

Expert Face Brush


I bought this with the foundation brush as they had a 3 for 2 offer on in Superdrug, which they often do. They even have one on right now, so it’s a great time to make your purchases! I didn’t really know what to use it for when I first bought it, I’d just lost my makeup bag with all my old brushes in, so bought whatever I could from real techniques as I heard they were good. Eventually, I used it for highlighter when I discovered it which it works well for, and then after this I started using it for foundation when I’d started watching more makeup videos and saw how much better this brush was than the foundation one. This blends the foundation so much better into my skin and looks almost airbrushed, it gives a great finish and makes the foundation last a lot longer.

Powder Brush


I don’t often use powder, I just had another brush to claim under the 3 for 2 offer and this seemed like a good idea. I still don’t use it much now, I just use it for my blush until I can afford to invest in a blusher brush, as I’m building my collection up slowly. Being a uni student is hard! I wouldn’t really recommend this for blush, but if you squeeze the bristles together more it can work. It may be useful if you use powder and you’re on a tight budget and want something to apply blush and bronzer with too, but mainly it’s definitely only good for powder, especially if you use liquid foundation and want to set it with a powder on top.

Bold Metals Contour Brush


My most prized possession. So pretty. I’ve already done a review on this which is linked here, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But basically, it’s lasted a long time without any fallout of the bristles. It also cleans really well. I use baby shampoo and warm water and it comes out white straight after, no matter how much product has been on it and how long for. It creates a great sharp line for your contour which you can then blend out to look more natural. You can blend as much as you want to make it a lot more subtle or you can create a really defined contour.

Retractable Bronzer Brush


My most recent purchase is this, which I bought yesterday, so I can’t offer a review of how long it lasts, although judging by the quality of all my other brushes, I’m sure it should last a while. I bought it as my powder brush just wasn’t cutting it when it came to blending out my bronzer, so I needed something more specialised. This works really well in creating a naturally bronzed look and the bristles are super soft. What’s great about this too is that it’s retractable which saves the bristles a lot in your makeup bag. I often hate brushes with lids though because its difficult to get the lid on without trapping the bristles, but this is life changing for me.

To put on the lid, you first pull up a section from the base of the bristles which covers the bristles and protects them. You then put the lid on this and slide it down, so no bristles get caught. How amazing is that! I can see this being my favourite brush just because of how well it is designed.

Eyeshadow Collection

After receiving the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette which I’ve wanted for so long, I realised I didn’t actually have anything to apply them with. Until recently, I’ve never been a fan of eyeshadow as I never realised how good it could look when done well. All I’ve ever seen is unblended splodges of blue and purple on peoples eyes and I never really liked the look, especially when it made me look like I’d been punched in the eyes! I realised the little sponge eyeshadow applicator I’ve had since I was 10 wasn’t really going to cut it, so I invested in some decent brushes and these have really been so helpful. They’ve allowed me to be so much more creative with my looks and are great at blending out my eyeshadow or creating a dramatic defined line.

What’s great about this collection is that they come with a handy little pouch too which makes for easy storage and allows you to keep them together and access them easily, and it’s great for travelling with.

Washing my Brushes

As I already mentioned, I’ve always used baby shampoo to wash my makeup brushes. It works well in keeping them soft whilst still stripping them of all the dirt and makeup in them. I try to do this weekly but it’s difficult to remember sometimes, so it can often take me two weeks till I wash them again. To wash them, I just rinse the brush under warm water (making sure it’s upside down so water doesn’t run into the base of the brush which can ruin it), and apply a small amount of shampoo in my hand and rub the bristles into this. I keep repeating till the brush is clean and the water runs clean. I then lay them flat to dry on a piece of tissue near my radiator (not on top!!), and let them dry over night. I also sometimes put them on my clothes drying rack which can work really well too.

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