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Drake – Views Review

May 1, 2016

drake-views-album-art-01With my music reviews, I like to give an introduction to the artist, but does Drake need one? If you haven’t heard of Drake, I’m slightly worried about where you’ve been the last year or two. It’s tough to pinpoint when Drake blew up and got to the level of fame he’s at now. I’ve been a keen listener since I heard “Over” in 2010 from the Thank Me Later album, some people got hyped over his release of Take Care in 2011, but I feel like his main break into the spotlight was in 2013 with Nothing was the Same and since then, he’s got bigger and bigger and ended up on the same level as artists such as Jay-Z and even Kanye. With his latest anticipated release of Views, it’s easy to see just how popular he is with so many people talking about it, even before it was released.

The album itself is really quite interesting. Drake goes from slow, laid back beats such as Summers Over Interlude to more pop-like songs such as One Dance and Too Good, which features Rihanna. The album can be described as being quite long, but the sheer diversity makes it so much more exciting and keeps the audience enticed. It may last almost 90 minutes, but listening to it does not get boring and it doesn’t feel so long as the mood moves up and down throughout.

The lyrics themselves are often about Drake’s complaints about his life and often quite reminiscent of his hometown in Toronto. It’s also a lot more reminiscent of Take Care with a much more personal and more mellow feel to it, which contrasts with his previous releases What a Time to be Alive and If You’re Reading This, It’s too Late which seem almost slightly more poppy and fast paced. Some may say it doesn’t live up to the hype, but I feel as though the hype was too much to live up to. This album has been hyped up for a long time now and ever since the first mention of it, it’s been getting blown up more and more that the expectations were too high, but with this being said, it’s still a great album, especially if you’re a fan of Drake’s older work. I’m not sure this will appeal as much to those are just a fan of Drake’s hits such as Hotline Bling and Jumpman though, as it’s not as pop-orientated.

I could have quite a bias opinion with this as I am a big Drake fan, and some could see the album as dragging out. Admittedly, some tracks could’ve been omitted to make it a shorter listen and it can be seen as playing it quite safe, as although the album is diverse, they’re all similar beats he’s tried out before and it’s all still about his complaints with his own life and girls, which is exactly what he does with a lot of his other releases. All in all though, I’d say it’s a really good album and provides some easy-listening without getting too boring. There are sure to be some hit singles released from this too, as we’ve already seen with Hotline Bling and Pop-Style. Next up, I can see Too Good being a popular hit off the album.

Views is currently released exclusively on iTunes for a week, and then soon to be released on other platforms. I’m hoping for physical copies to become available as I’m not a fan of this thing artists are doing lately, where they make albums exclusive to certain platforms online. We recently saw Kanye release Life of Pablo on Tidal as well as Beyonce releasing Lemonade on Tidal too.

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