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Lipkit by Kylie; Candy K

April 27, 2016

Vegan? Unfortunately, this is the only shade that isn’t which I didn’t realise when I ordered. However, Dolce K is said to be very similar! Update: Maliboo is super similar from my experience

So much stress. So many tears. So much money. But finally, I got it, I got a lip kit! And now i’m going to tell you all about the lip kit itself, and my experience with ordering.


When I first decided I was going to buy a lip kit, I signed up to a free trial of Kylie’s app since I’d seen people tweet about the restock dates, but thought I might as well get the free trial of the app anyway just to be sure. For this, I had to enter my card details. Unfortunately, my card company thought her app was “suspicious activity” which is the first time I’ve ever experienced this! I didn’t realise this until the next day when I had the lip kit in my basket, ready to check out, and my card was declined as it’d been temporarily blocked due to suspicious activity! I’ll admit, I did get a text about it the day before but I thought they’d ring me so I put the text down as a scam, which it turns out it wasn’t.

So, I missed out the first time and had to wait another two weeks till the next restock. This time, I stayed away from the app and just search “kylie jenner restock” on twitter, which surely enough, presented me with everyones excited tweets and screenshots with information on when the restock is. To stop you from searching for this on twitter everyday, I recommend following Kylie Jenner and her Lip Kit account too and turning on notifications for their tweets. When there’s a restock due, they’ll tweet telling people to check out the app, and that’s when you search twitter instead.

So finally I got the time again, set my alarm for ten minutes before, had all my card details in my notes on my computer, copied and ready to be pasted at the checkout. Every minute before 8pm was spent refreshing the page and right as 8pm hit, I grabbed Candy K, chucked it in my basket, quickly pasted in my card number and typed in the rest of my details, and finally I managed to bag myself a lipkit! It took about 2 weeks to arrive here in England and I got a confirmation email right after I bough it. My biggest tip is to have alarms set, and if you miss out, make a note of the URL of the lipkit you want (or you can do this the day before by going onto her page and clicking the lip kit you want, and copying the URL. I found I couldn’t do it on the day as the website had a holding page instead). I had mine saved and refreshed that page as soon as the website was live so I didn’t have to scroll through the page to find what I wanted.

The Product

The product itself is amazing. I haven’t found any flaws yet, I’m seriously so happy with it and it’s definitely worth the money. I mean firstly, I have to mention that it smells beautiful, it’s such a sweet scent, so what’s not to love there? Secondly, it lasts me all day, even after eating and drinking (through a straw that is), it’s still there. It doesn’t flake away like a lot of matte lipsticks do, and doesn’t feel as dry as other matte lipsticks I’ve tried. The only matte lipstick I’ve found that beats this on moisture levels is Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, which feels so moisturising but is matte. (Review coming soon!)


As mentioned, I bought Candy K. Very similar to Dolce K but is better suited to paler skin tones and is said to be slightly more pink toned than brown. The website describes Candy K as a warm nude, and Dolce K as a beige nude. When applying it, it applies like a lipstick and then drys matte. I find that sometimes, I don’t really need the lip liner but it does help, and is the perfect match to the lipstick. It’s also super creamy and applies really well, which I’ve found some lip liners tend to drag on my lips, which this doesn’t.

This is definitely an investment piece, especially if like me, you’re paying for international shipping, but I really feel like it’s worth it. I’m yet to see how long it lasts in the long term, but taking into account the fact it lasts me all day, I can see it lasting me quite a while. I will say that if you are ordering internationally, beware of customs charges. I didn’t get charged for mine but I know other people did get charged so it’s something to keep in mind. The only downside to this product so far is that it’s the only colour that isn’t vegan, which I didn’t even realise when ordering, for some reason I thought it was Posie K that wasn’t vegan. So if you’re wanting something vegan but a similar colour, I’d recommend you go for Dolce K! After seeing other swatches online, the liner is almost the same, it’s just the lipstick that is slightly darker and more beige.


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