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Garmin VivoFit 2 Watch Review

April 17, 2016

Cost: £70-£80 average.

Stockists: Garmin, Amazon, Argos, John Lewis

Main Features: When you haven’t moved for an hour, the watch gives you an alert until you move around again. Waterproof. Simplistic design. Tracks sleep, steps, calories, activities and miles among other things. One year battery life.

After receiving this watch as a christmas present, I’ve had quite a few months to test it out now, and honestly I think it’s great! This watch not only tells you the time which is synced with your phone or laptop, it also tells you how many steps you’ve done today, it tells you how many steps you should aim for, how many miles you’ve walked, how many calories you can eat based on your steps and even tells you the date! Not only that, but you can keep it on over night and track how long you’re asleep for, what your movement is like and wether you’re in a deep or light sleep!

The only button is the vertical bump on the right side of the watch display

The design of the watch is very simplistic. It consists of the watch face, the strap and a single button which controls everything. With this button, you click through the different displays such as the time and steps, or you can hold it down to sync it with your phone, start an activity which it will track, or set it to sleep mode to track your sleep. The straps are also interchangeable and mine came with a big and a small strap, and online you can purchase more colours and designs which is a great idea and means you can even change it to match different outfits! The clasp is also really well designed, and you turn it to make it secure so it doesn’t fall off when you’re working out, even though it’s pretty secure already. You’ll know if it’s set to secure as the two red lines shown below, won’t be visible.

Secure clasp – when turned, red lines will be shown which shows it isn’t secure

My main reason for wanting this watch was because it tracks my steps, as I wanted a more practical watch for everyday use and was curious to see how many steps I was taking, as I feel I probably do need to walk more so it’s great to have this refer to. There are plenty of watches out there that track your steps, but unfortunately I’ve never tried these to make a comparison. I do know that this seems to be pretty accurate though. To use this watch, I set it up with the Garmin app on my iPhone but it can also be synced with your computer too. Syncing it with the app means that Garmin can release updates for the watch, which includes constantly making the step tracker more accurate which is great. My mum also has a step tracker watch from a different brand and when we went walking round the track, we both got about the same steps so for me, this shows it must be somewhat accurate. Another great thing in relation to the steps, is that it tells you how many more you need to do to hit your goal, and when you’ve hit your goal, it tells you how many more steps you’ve done over this. If you go over, your goal increases the next day and if you are under, it decreases.

Another one of my favourite features is the sleep tracker. When I go to sleep at night, I hold the button down and it’ll go through the “start [activity]” and “sync”modes, then land on sleep. I then leave it like this all night until I wake up and then I just hit the button again. This will track how long I slept, if I woke up at all in the night, how much I moved about and wether I had light or deep sleep. The only downside is that I can’t view these on the watch itself, I have to sync it with my phone and the stats will be uploaded there for me to see. This isn’t a major issue as it’s much easier to see on my phone than it would be on my tiny watch display.


The app itself is really well designed, just like the watch, and it also can be used alongside My Fitness Pal to track what you’ve eaten during the day too. You can see all your past data by hitting the calendar button and you can also see days you got an “achievement” such as doing the most steps you’ve ever done for example. To sync the watch, you just turn on bluetooth and hit sync on the watch. My only problem is that the app has to be open, even whilst syncing. I can’t lock my phone or go to another app whilst I’m waiting otherwise it will stop so hopefully this is something Garmin will work on. The watch does save a lot of past data on it though. I saw somewhere it stores up to 3 days worth of data but I’ve not synced it for longer than that and it’s still downloaded all my data to my phone when I finally did it.

There are other things I could touch on with this review but I don’t really want it to be any longer, so I chose to pick out the main selling points here and it’s best features. Overall, I think it’s a great watch, especially if you’re really into fitness and health. It’s a really easy way to track what you’re doing throughout the day, as well as the night and allows you to see where you need to improve. I highly recommend this as the app makes it so simple to use and the design of both the app and the watch itself are almost flawless. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, it’s waterproof! But I haven’t tested this out, I always take it off as I’m always too scared to test products’ waterproof claims.

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