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Vegan Easter

March 20, 2016

This post almost had no images as the products featured were just so amazing, I ate them before I even thought about doing a blog post on them. So I apologise for plain images, but they tasted too good.

However, I have bought so many vegan chocolate goodies recently (mainly due to the Chocolate Festival in Coventry, thanks Fat Moo in Leamington for coming along and pulling through with the vegan treats). I feel I should share with you some of the things I’ve been loving and what you definitely need in your life for a cruelty free Easter!

mint hint

First up “Conscious” organic raw chocolate, in the flavour mint hint. This may well be the most amazing vegan chocolate I’ve ever tasted, it’s so creamy and smooth you wouldn’t believe there’s no nastiness in there! The mint hint makes it even better, it’s amazing. Not necessarily Easter themed but it’s chocolate anyway, and you can have it all year round!

Where? I bought mine from the chocolate festival from Fat Moo who are based in Leamington Spa but they’re also available in many local health food shops and online.


Next, is the Black Magic mini eggs. I’ve seen everyone post about these on the countless vegan groups I’ve joined on facebook but thought I had no hope of ever getting my hands on them as they’re apparently sold in Tesco and Asda’s, none of which I have near me other than a tiny Tesco Express that probably don’t even understand “dairy free”. However, I was walking round in Boots today grabbing my dad some cruelty free anti-ageing moisturiser because lets face it, he’s getting old now, and I saw them by the checkout!! So if you you can’t find them in Supermarkets, hit up Boots and you may have more luck! The only problem with these is that they’re owned by Nestle which some people have had worries about, but if that doesn’t bother you and you want to show demand for vegan products, these are a winner. I originally thought they’d be like Cadbury Mini Eggs but they don’t have the hard shell and they’re so smooth on the inside with a beautiful chocolate truffle centre. They may be dark chocolate but they’re mighty fine.

Where? Boots, Asda and Tesco.


This one is more of a brand than a product but Moo Free are fantastic for Vegan goodies! They have an amazing range of chocolate including easter eggs! Admitedly, I haven’t yet tried the eggs but I have tried their chocolate bars and they are amazing, especially the chocolate orange one. Plus, they don’t just have plain eggs, they have “bunnycomb” and “cheeky orange”. If I could put a heart eye emoji here, I would.

Where? Waitrose, Health food shops, Sainsburys, Holland and Barratt and Morrisons.


Last but most certainly not least is VEGAN CREAM EGGS!!!! These were bought from the chocolate festival from Fat Moo too, they’re actually cream egg halves rather than the full thing and the fondant inside is a lot runnier than your usual cadbury’s get up, but they are so good! They are dark chocolate which can put some people off but I feel like the fondant inside really helps to sweeten the whole thing up and you don’t really notice that it is dark chocolate. If you struggle to get your hands on these, there are also other alternatives online, just search vegan cream eggs!

Where? Fat Moo, Leamington Spa. goodnessdirect.co.uk, danddchocolates.com

They’re the four main goodies I found but also check out the free from sections of your local supermarkets, and check out Holland and Barratt. Lidl are also surprisingly good for amazing vegan dark chocolate flavours!

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