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Why We Should Appreciate Kimmy K.

March 8, 2016

You may have seen a few images floating about this week of Kim Kardashian posing nude with nothing but black bars to cover her nudity. If not, you’ve probably seen one of your mates post a very similar photo or you’ve probably seen someone complain about it. But why? Why are people complaining? What is wrong with nudity?


Today is international womens day, which should be about celebrating women and equality, but instead I’ve seen so many girls hating on Kim Kardashian and I just don’t understand why. She’s not even showing her boobs or vagina, and even if she was, why should it matter? It’s the 21st century and we’re still raised to be ashamed of our nudity and many people are taught that you only get naked in front of other people for sex. This is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous when I think about the amount of guys who get away with posting their nude bodies everyday without slut shaming or being told they’re being bad role models.

Do you guys know just how many half naked/fully naked men I see on my facebook, instagram and twitter on a daily basis with girls posting the heart eye emojis in response? It’s a lot. But the same girls are calling out Kim Kardashian. Some girls say it’s fine to teach people to celebrate their bodies, but because they hate Kim Kardashian, it’s not fine. Because she’s “doing it for attention” it’s not fine. It’s not fine to show off your body unless you’re doing it purely for feminism. This just doesn’t seem right to me ladies!!

On a related note, what does it matter how she got famous and how she’s making her money? She’s making a lot more money than most of you which shows she’s doing something right and at least she’s making money doing something she enjoys too, that’s more than a lot of people can say for themselves. I think we need to be cutting the girl a little bit of slack. Yes she can act a little spoilt at times, I’ve watched KUWTK, I saw her cry over her diamond earring being lost in the ocean, but I have my moments of weakness over material objects too as I’m sure a lot of you do too. Heck, if I spent that much money on earrings and lost one of them, I’d be pretty darn gutted too!

In relation to how she got famous, many say it’s through a sex tape leak. Well, for her to get this far, this recognised, and have a brand and business for herself all through some stupid guy leaking her sex tape, I think that’s pretty darn good. You go girl!! You show people that you can reclaim yourself and not let a guy dictate your future because you had sex with him and he filmed it.

So, let’s stop this girl on girl hatred and celebrate each other instead!!! Let’s stop telling women that it’s only okay to share their bodies if it’s a feminist statement or for porn, let them share it whenever the hell they want!!!! HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY!!!!

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