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New Year’s Hopes

December 31, 2015

I usually set myself New Years Resolutions every year, however they are often unrealistic or I do really well with them for the first month, then abandon them. I’m hoping that in 2016, I’ll be a lot more organised and use my time efficiently to try and get myself ready for finishing uni in either one or two years as I feel no where near that stage yet. However, the things I want to achieve may not be achieved and I often feel disappointed, so this year I’m going to call them hopes and give them my best shot, but if they don’t happen I’ll try take it lightly.

Improve Product Photography

I’m hoping to start blogging more but with blogging comes picture taking. At the moment I think my images are okay but I’d prefer some that are a little more exciting, maybe with props placed around them rather than just dumping them on my bed and arranging them in a certain way. So I’m hoping to practice that more and create a blog I’m proud of.

Study in Sweden

This is something I’ve been toying with the idea of for a few months now. We were introduced to Erasmus in September and students talked about their time in Sweden and Spain. I saw pictures of Sweden and was instantly drawn to it. My only worry is leaving my boyfriend and my friends back home and missing them so much, however I think it will really help me improve my photography skills, as well as my video skills. It will also give me a chance to take a break from my studies as it doesn’t matter what grade I get here, so I can take it easy and concentrate on improving myself rather than stressing myself out.

Go Vegan

I’ve been vegetarian since around March this year. Since then I’ve learnt a lot about how animals are treated and what really goes on in the food industry. I’ve also learnt a lot about a vegan diet and healthy it can be. When the new year comes I’m hoping to go vegan. I’ve tried a few weeks on this “diet” and I’ve found it a lot easier than I thought so I’m looking forward to get stuck into it and try out lots of new recipes and sharing them here.

Visit Amsterdam or Berlin

This one may not happen due to money as I do have to save up for Sweden too, however these are two places I’ve wanted to visit for a while now as they seem like such interesting places. I’m hoping I can find a cheap holiday to one of them, even if its just for a long weekend away, and hope to take my boyfriend with me and do some exploring!

Save for Driving or Sweden

I originally planned to save money for driving however, after I thought about it more I realised I won’t have much money in Sweden either so I’m planning to save up a bit each week and not touch that money until I have something to use it for.

A Photo a Day – 365 Project

This year as I’m planning to improve my photography, I really feel like the 365 project could help me out a lot so I’m planning to take a picture everyday, no matter how mundane and boring, and post it to daysofhayleyrfoto.wordpress.com. It will start of really boring as most of my time will be taken up by uni but hopefully it will progress to something much more exciting!

Finally, Work like Dolly Parton!!

That’s right, I slipped a joke in here. I wanna work 9-5 just like Dolly. But not paid work, uni work! I hope to be in the library as much as possible or be doing uni work during these times so I can get the best grade possible and not fall behind or feel stressed.

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