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Messy Ponytail

October 11, 2015

Since getting my hair cut shorter recently (I’m planning to make a post on that soon so keep an eye out!), I’ve found myself curling it more and preferring it curled, which I used to hate as long curly hair made me look younger than I am. The only problem is that I have to tie it up for work and I’ve been worrying my ponytail will look silly as I have this thing where I just can’t put my hair up in a ponytail without it being straight otherwise I don’t like it. However, I quite like the curly ponytail now. I didn’t even do anything with my hair today, these are yesterday’s curls that I’ve slept on and shoved back. I feel like the curls liven up my ponytail and give it much more volume which I love, so here it is! If you have naturally curly hair, this style is even easier for you to achieve!

(The jumper is from H&M by the way, I think it was £14.99, and it’s the perfect colour for autumn!)

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