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OOTD Urban Outfitters Part 2

October 2, 2015

“Whats that?” I hear you ask “Another Urban Outfitters OOTD post? But you never even shopped there this last time month, you thought it was too expensive!” I know, I know. Urban Outfitters used to be that place where everything was too overpriced for me but when I went in and got the top in my last post, I also tried this outfit on and couldn’t resist not buying it. Of course, I took a picture in the outfit then a week later looked at it again and decided it was way too cute not to buy. So here it is!

Both the playsuit and shirt are from Urban Outfitters. The shirt is “Urban Renewal” which the lady in the shop said that this means it’s a one off piece and all the shirts in store that look like it, will all be slightly different which was easy to see. The shirt also smelt like an old vintage store and is actually a mens shirt according to the tag, but I love it so much and it’s just the right length to sit in line with the bottom of my playsuit. It also allows me to wear this cute playsuit without getting too chilly as it adds an extra layer.

I feel as though I have been more daring with my outfit choices lately and I have started mixing up patterns and colours rather than going for my usual black and white. The two colours blue and orange are complimentary colours (as I learnt in my year 9 art class) which may be why these go so well together, and the plaid pattern on the shirt isn’t too much which helps these two pieces go together really well. You can find the playsuit here (which is now £20, I bought it at £39 and it’s still in my size online, don’t you hate when that happens!) and similar orange shirts in store.

With this outfit I just paired it with some flats from Topshop (they have many different styles so if the ones linked aren’t in stock in your size, just search skater shoes and they’ll all appear!) and a rose gold watch (a fake Michael Kors one from Turkey, I may be able to afford Urban Outfitters now but I definitely can’t afford designer watches whilst I’m at uni!)

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