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Real Techniques 301 Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush

September 25, 2015

I’ve wanted this product for a while now. I don’t know if its the fact I don’t have a proper contour brush and have been using the expert face brush my Real Techniques for my contouring, or if it’s just because I love all things rose gold. but either way I’m happy I finally have it in my life.

I’ve been using this for about a week now and I love it! It gives a nice sharp contour across my cheekbones and down my nose whilst blending it into my skin well at the same time so I don’t just have random dark stripes across my face here and there. The brush is quite dense which is how you get the really sharp contour lines but also manage to blend them in well too. The bristles meet the usual silky soft real techniques standards too, however they are also white which makes it easier to see how much product you have on your brush. I find I actually don’t need that much product on my brush due to the density of it which is another win, hello longer lasting makeup!

Compared to the other real techniques brushes, I think I prefer the style of this one. It has angled edges so it doesn’t roll off the table when you put it down however, I find it makes it easier to grip too. I feel as though it’s slightly more weighted towards where the bristles are instead and then very light at the handle which almost makes it feel easier to control. I guess it depends on the user but I find this style a lot better than the old style real techniques brushes!

The one downside is that I find it a little pricey, coming in at £22 at Boots in England. However, before I bought it I looked around at similar brushes and some cost a lot more such as the Nars Contour brush, plus it’s going to last you a while if you make sure you take good care of it and clean it regularly. So I’m considering it a good investment. And I recommend you invest in it too, especially if you’ve been eyeing up a really pricey contour brush but can’t justify spending so much on a brush.

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