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Life at University Part 1

March 5, 2015

I’ve been at university for 7 months now, and attended university elsewhere for 4 months until I decided the place and course wasn’t for me and I reapplied to several other places. So, I think being at two universities and spending a total of 11 months at university despite only being a first year student allows me to finally write down a couple tips and give you a bit of an insight into university life. So, here goes!

First off, do not feel that you have to go to university. I feel like that is a huge pressure young people face these days and so many people are going to university and getting in all this debt just because we feel like we have to. I recommend looking into all your options first and make sure uni is definitely the right option to take for you, that’s something I always wish I did. Also, don’t listen to your parents, do what’s best for you. I went to a university my parents suggested and ending up dropping out and wasted a lot of time and money doing so. Now that’s over with, I’ll tell you more about university itself. Overall, I’ve had a good experience at my current university. I am studying something I am really passionate about which is great.

The Work Load

At sixth form, I always got told that university would be extremely hard and you’d have to do a lot of work yourself. This may be true in some cases but for me, it’s a lot easier only having to concentrate on one subject. The only person that told me the truth about university was my ICT teacher who said the biggest step up in education is from GCSE to A-Level, he said the transition from A-Level to university really isn’t that much different, which I completely agree with. The only difference is that you are expected to be more independent and you may have less contact time with your tutors/less time in taught sessions. This doesn’t mean you can’t go to your tutors for help though, you’re paying £9,000 a year, pester them as much as you like for help! In the end, it’s a good grade you want and the best way to do this is to get help whenever you need it. They won’t hand the answer to you on a plate but they’ll get you to come up with a solution yourself which is great because it’ll prepare you for post university life when your tutor isn’t there.


Night Life

Honestly, I can’t really comment on this one. I don’t see the big deal with going out every night getting wasted and turning up to lectures hungover, but it does happen. Maybe not as much as TV makes out, but it still happens. I don’t know how people afford it but I wouldn’t really recommend it myself. That’s what freshers week is for, get all your partying out of the way for a whole week then you can party at regular times on Friday and Saturday nights like normal people. One good comment I have to say is: cheap drinks. Especially on special student nights or at student only clubs where the club will put on offers and deals.

Okay so this turned out super long already and I had to remove a section that I’ll now include in part 2, so I’ll stop it here, and make a part 2 soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that! And if you are applying to university, good luck 🙂

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