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Healthy Eating Week 1

January 18, 2015

This week I started my cleaner/healthy eating diet and I have to admit, I am feeling so much better in myself and much less moody! I planned out my meals for the whole week and did my weekly shop at the start of the week which all came to about £20 which for me, I would say is pretty good considering all my meals were made from scratch! I’ve experimented with quite a lot of new foods this week and it’s been so much fun finding out what I do and don’t like and figuring out what recipes to make another time and how to make them better. In case you’re curious, this was my meal plan for the week!


  • Breakfast – porridge oats w/banana and peanut butter
  • Dinner – chicken and egg salad w/lettuce, cucumber and spinach
  • Tea – sweet potato fries coated with peri-peri salt
  • Snacks – Nakd Bar, fruit salad w/apple, grapes and melon


  • Breakfast – porridge oats w/80g frozen berries
  • Dinner – Kallo rice cakes w/merridian blueberry spread
  • Tea – sweet potato and spinach quesadilla made with feta cheese (super yummy, definitely be making again!)
  • Snacks – fruit salad w/apple, grapes, melon, strawberries and banana, nakd bar


  • Breakfast – porridge w/sweet freedom natural sweetener
  • Dinner – cous cous w/turkey
  • Tea – Chicken Breast coated in Nandos Peri-Peri Sauce Medium w/peri peri sweet potato fries (cheat meal)
  • Snacks – fruit smoothie, nakd bar


  • Breakfast – Porridge oats w/banana
  • Dinner – sweet potato fries
  • Tea – Fruit salad
  • Snacks – Rice cakes w/merridian blueberry spread


  • Breakfast – porridge oats w/natural sweetener
  • Lunch – Fruit salad
  • Tea – feta cheese and spinach egg white omelette (also super good!)
  • Snacks – nakd bar and rice cakes w/blueberry spread


  • Breakfast – porridge w/sweetener
  • Lunch – cous cous w/turkey
  • Tea – Fruit Salad
  • Snacks – smoothie, nakd bar


  • Breakfast – porridge w/sweetener
  • Lunch – chicken ceaser salad
  • Tea – Fruit Salad
  • Snacks – nakd bar and blueberry rice cakes

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