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What to Expect Next Week

What to Expect Next Week

January 17, 2015

I think a good thing for me to do on this blog is a “what to expect next week” post. I always having blogging in the back of my mind but my ideas come and go just like that and I never really gather them in a post so in the end, I have nothing to blog about! I also think posts like this will help keep me motivated to keep blogging because I can’t write a post telling you what to expect, and then not follow up. Thirdly, I think it’ll be good for any viewers of my blog so you know what’s coming up in the next week. If there’s anything that catches your eye then you could come back and look at them at the end of the week. I may post additional posts to what I mention here but these will be definite posts to expect. So, here goes, my first “What to Expect Next Week” post!

Life at University

After being at university for a few months now and house hunting for year 2, I think I’m finally in a state where I can comment about life at university so expect that soon and make sure you have a look if you plan on becoming a student soon!

Graze Breakfast Box

I got a voucher in my latest graze box that entitled me to a one off Breakfast box which arrived today. I’m super excited to try it out and will blog about each breakfast included at the end of the week when I’ve had time to try them all!

Outfit of the Day

At the moment, I think my blog is becoming overrun with graze box posts and photography posts but I do really enjoy fashion and want to include more posts about that so I’m going to try my hardest to get suitable OOTD photos this week (I tried last week but my uni bedroom isn’t the most appealing background, I’ll try experiment though. It’s too cold to go outside and I don’t fancy booking out the studios at university whenever I want to blog about my outfit)

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