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52 Week Photo Challenge | Photography

Photo Challenge – Week Two

January 11, 2015

Again, this isn’t a picture I have actually taken this week as I just haven’t had the time to photograph anything but I do have plans for next week so stay tuned! This was my first ever gig photography shoot and the only one I’ve ever done, I do hope to do more soon but getting to and finding gigs I’m interested seems to be difficult lately, as well as buying tickets! I had so much fun on this shoot but feel as though I’ve improved so much since then and would love to put my new skills to use within live photography. At the time, I booked out a new camera from uni and didn’t really know how to use it. I was still getting my head around manual mode and whilst under pressure to try get good shots, I started panicking and forgetting where the dials were to control the aperture and shutter speed as well as forgetting wether to turn them up or down to make them better exposed. This is something I have worked on and feel so confident with manual mode now, I don’t use anything else.

IMG_9848aYou can see the rest of the photos from this shoot here!

List of Shows I Hope To Shoot:

  • 29/01 Moose Blood – Birmingham
  • 19/02 Don Broco – Birmingham (I already have tickets for this one but feel as though it will be difficult to shoot due to the venue being an academy arena)
  • 26/03 Modern Baseball/Into it Over It – Leeds
  • 03/05 Outbreak Fest – Leeds

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