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Summary of 2014

December 31, 2014

2014 hasn’t really been the best year for me. There were good points, but from what I remember, most were a bit rubbish. I’ll start off with the good points anyway though.

The best thing about 2014 was probably getting into university. I know I already got in the year before at Bradford Uni but this time, I got into an amazing university to study Photography! I also got a first in my first assignment which is great. University is probably one of the few things that has gone well for me in 2014, I’ve been so dedicated to it and put my all into it, which I need to start doing with everything else.

My boyfriend Ed has also contributed to the good parts of 2014. In fact, most of my good memories involve him. He was always there with me whist applying to uni and even went to open days and interviews with me (including Coventry, must be my lucky charm) We’ve been to loads of gigs together, he’s given me the confidence to start shooting photos at shows too! He’s also given me some amazing presents, including my record player which unfortunately broke a couple days ago whilst he was here but I’m looking at getting it fixed. He’s the one person who is always supportive of me no matter what, and for that I’m super grateful. I also got to go on holiday to Turkey twice this year to see my family. That was super fun and I took my best friend the first time.

There have also been many low points though. I won’t list them here but a lot has got me down this year. Especially with having so few friends, being low on money, not being close to my family etc. To change these things though, I’ve made sure to include solutions within my new years resolutions. I plan to put the bad things behind me and focus on bettering myself for the future. I’m going to lose weight, save my money and be the best person I can be.

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