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Turkey Day 5 and 6

December 24, 2014

On my fifth day in Turkey, me and my mum went to the local food market as well as the butchers in order to prepare for Christmas. Our first stop was the fruit and veg market which was huge! There were even stalls for clothing just behind the fruit and veg stalls. At the enterance to this, there were loads of orange trees which are meant to be great this time of year. I also passed a lovely red car on the street which I couldn’t miss the chance to photograph. After this, we went to the butchers where the shop owner had to get out google translate on his laptop to understand my mum. It was slightly embarrassing to say the least. Other than this, we spent the day inside!

On day 6, me and my mum went into town to look round the clothing market there. My boyfriend has wanted a burberry scarf for so long now so I said I’d try find him a fake one in Turkey. Although I had no such luck unfortunately. They were all very girly ones, thin ones, silky ones or small ones. This stressed me out a little bit as I only have one other gift for him for Christmas. Next year, I need to be more organised! At the end of our shopping trip, we waited by the sea for my dad to pick us up so I got a few shots here! When we got back, we watched the Elf since what else are you gonna do christmas eve!

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